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Session 23: A Gambit Later Report

General Summary

Willhelm is hiding in ruined buildings watching Agelo, the Seeress, and Floki Bigbeard, after being sent to Eschweiler to gain information about the Franks. His family is being held by the Saxon leadership after they found out about his talents. The Seeress sense someone is watching and Agelo demands they show themselves. Willhelm appears. (He secretly was trying to find information on an attack in Saxony on a village that destroyed a oaken religious site).   After a brief exchange both accompany the Seeress & Floki to the city of Aachen. They see the walls being strengthened, and the people in the city. Willhelm tries to work out information about the city to take back to the Saxons. Agelo wants to have a drink. They all go to a market area on up the main road, and the Seeress pays them 3 gold each. Willhelm tries a bit of spying, and Agelo goes into the 'Tavern of the Tower' tavern for a full cask of mead. Shortly, Willhelm walks in and orders a drink and information. After finding that Grimmaz, Floki, the Burgeaters, and Mikael has been through here, and had visited the Tower of Emon Kanis before leaving for Eschweiler.   Both then leave the tavern after hearing about the possible attack. Agelo slaps Willhelm on the back in the process. Both make their way up to the Tower of Emon Kanis and eventually stopped by two of the tower guards. They are expected as both had been offered work by the Seeress. They wait a few minutes and Emon Kanis, and the Seeress come down followed by Floki.   They are told that the attack is happening in the next few hours, likely 24 hours. The Thieves of Frankia, the Assassins Guild, and others are preparing defences including in the sewers to prevent the attackers getting an advantage, and to help non-combatants flee west if need be. Wilhelm remembers stories about the Saxons carting off the dead to somewhere north east, and speaks privately to Agelo. He explains that there is the bodies being used in some ritual in the north east, and is somehow linked to the Cult of the Dead, and the Ural Mountains. He also explains why he is really there at least in part, to spy.   Both return and explain this why he is spying as his family is being held hostage and he needs to free them by doing the work designated by his masters. Emon Kanis fills in some more information such as the Cult of the Dead is a small cult in the service of two larger cults, the Necrocult, and the Children of the Nazarene (the former have a city somewhere, with an entrance in the Ural mountains, and the latter is in the Middle East). Also, when prompted by Floki, he states a white dragon is flying south from the Scandes Mountain range looking for those who are even loosely tied to the theft of part of his hoard.   They start formulating a plan to have the thieves guild do up false reports to give to the Saxons, while the same guild will try to get Willhelm & his family to safety. They also try to think of a way to drive a part of the army into the path of the dragon, that Agelo remembers as being called Birgin the Winter Storm, who he has heard of in passing. Also, Emon Kanis has sent a message to get Grimmaz and the group to come back to help defend Aachen, and help out in any way they can.

Rewards Granted

2500 xp each.

Character(s) interacted with

Emon Kanis, Floki Bigbeard, The Seeress, two town guards, two tower guards, an unnamed tavern owner.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Grimmaz Fyrwin
Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP
Report Date
09 Jun 2022
Primary Location


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