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Session 33: Side Hustling Report

General Summary

Grimmaz & Willhelm started in Aachen and departed to Eschbach via a dimension door created by Emon Kanis. When they arrived, they saw that work had started with the locals clearing & sorting out the groundwork for building the new parts of Eschbach. Shortly after they arrived, they saw Meaven exit the village hall, and asked if it was ok to build a school of sorts (especially for esoteric research) & a treasury below the motte-and-bailies. Grimmaz agreed to this and was further informed that a spy had been found amongst the workers.   Both questioned him finding it was set up by a Bernard Athelbrooke a ranking Saxon from over the border. Athelbrooke had been boasting as well about killing a local champion's wife & children when drunk and going to carry out a raid some time to finish off the champion once & for all. At the same time the spy had been making sketches of points of interest in the area to show his bosses. Asked if there were any more, all he knew was that if he entered the tavern at any time, and if anyone was wearing a similar earthen coloured cloak as his was, he would put his hand down and point with a finger towards the ground. Grimmaz & Willhelm take the spy's cloak, go to the tavern and try this out. After two to three hours nothing happens. With this over Grimmaz speaks to the Council of Three who are made aware of this and is informed they are to be getting more troops to add to the Burgeaters who have recently arrived. Mikeal their leader, tradespeople, and more supplies are en route and will take two to three days to arrive and arrange for the spy to go back to Aachen.   Before this they are supplied documents. Grimmaz gets a copy of the title ranks, and the stipulations to it. Willhelm gets a deed to two acres or equivalent to build or own a home anywhere he wants in Frankish territory.   After trying to smoke out any further spies, Willhelm stalks the town at night to work out if anything suspicious is around. All he notices is two people in similar attire looking at the basics of the building so far. He follows them to the tavern, buying them drinks and picking the pockets of the male. One is a burly large male, and the other is a half-elf. Both have foreign accents and mention they are going north to Aachen while stopping over at Eschbach to rest & check it out. They mention they make a living fighting evil.   When Wilhelm leaves, he leaves with a note in a foreign language. He finds a safe space & meditates for 4 hours. When they get up in the morning, they meet up tell each other what is happening, and Alfre takes delight at poking Willhelm in the head for a while, when they go down to meet the two strangers. There they are, and about to leave. Grimmaz decides to dupe them into going to the village hall, while having the Council meet them there. During the night, Willhelm felt something reach out into his mind and it felt, cold, wet & inhuman. He makes an excuse that someone he knew had a similar experience, went insane & disappeared. He mentions if there are any books or such that might help him find out what happened. The two say that there's the Book of Eibon & the Necronomicon exist and would be destroyed by the two if they got their hands on them.   It is noted by Grimmaz & Willhelm that both these people are wearing similar leather gear and have on their belts a rosary each with the crucifix being of the Eastern Orthodox Church.  Upon further queries when in the village square & the hall, that they are Ulmist Inquisitors and are called Vladimer & Wanda. Both seem to be of Slavic descent as well. Their Oder has loose ties to the Order of St Benedict of the Roman Catholic Church, and they know of Father Tossil as a respected person. Their own order is looking to sort out the building of a small outpost here and looked to build it near the Holy Grove & the local Church. Grimmaz denies this asking about the Black Pyramid and to them it is a legend. They also explain that it is meant to be a Nexus Point of pure evil and that is all they know. The black dragon took over the mantle & name of Leviathan after the original withdrew to the Labyrinth. They are told that a good number of cults are somehow tied to it, or at least looking for it.   Both inform the two heroes that Lord Diablos is a sneaky on, and likely didn't flee after the Siege of Aachen and likely hung around for other nefarious reasons. Grimmaz states to them that he wants to protect his people and will likely try to get to this pyramid to stop it being used. He says that he will contact them through Father Tossil if needed in the future to help stop this threat.   And this is where it ends for now.

Rewards Granted

3,800 XP each and both now have their official documents for titles.

Character(s) interacted with

Emon Kanis, Alfre, Inquisitors Vladimer & Wanda, Meaven, Bjorn, Fleur, and the Burgeaters.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Grimmaz Fyrwin
Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP
Report Date
16 Sep 2022
Primary Location


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