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Session 28: Finally the Undead is in Sight Report

General Summary

Grimmaz, Wilhelm, and Ale attack the zombies and the Undead commander on the skeleton horse. There Grimmaz manages to take down the skeleton horse leaving the commander prone. While attacking the commander, Wilhelm manages to stab himself in the other foot, while Ale gives a withering put down on him. They quickly despatch the zombie, and the commander which leads to the remaining zombie to drop truly dead. Kulug Jocki points out confirms the undead commander is from the Huns.   After that, Ale uses his power to to inspire the scouts while getting Birgin to drop the oil barrel onto the bigger concentration of undead troops. They make a break for it as far as the second commander with Grimmaz knocking him of the skeletal horse again, leaving him prone. They quickly dispatch him too.   When they do this, Birgin lands stating he wants payment in his weight in silver as payment. Grimmaz throws a silver piece at him saying that is all Birgin is worth. They walk away towards Aachen, where the people are cheering and congratulating everyone. Emon Kanis comes forward with five tower guard and Alfre, saying they are to go to the Palace of Aachen. They are informed that Alfre has mentioned that Willhelm tried to 'kidnap' her, and that will be addressed as well.   When they enter the court they are greeted with the sight of Charlemagne with Count de Ath beside him, and a full court. Willhelm explains that he has kleptomaniac tendencies and didn't mean any offence to Alfre, and he did help against the Saxons (his own people). Charlemagne orders a fine of 50 GP to the Crown as punishment and after an attempt to haggle it down to 40 GP which fails. He pays the fine to Count de Ath who promptly sends out the goat & saltwater, which audibly disappoints the jailor / executioner.    After this, they are brought forward and properly rewarded. Grimmaz is down on one knee and the rest tries the same. They are all given 250 GPs each, two mithril ingots, a trade right document if they set up shop somewhere, and a Ring of Command Undead. Grimmaz is offered the leadership of Eschbach / Eschbrook, two days south of Aachen on the border and two days northwest of Wien. He is going to speak to the elders of it to see what needs done. Ale wants a day to commemorate their deeds, and Charlemagne will organise something to celebrate the breaking of the siege, and the threat the armies posed while making sure the heroes are remembered. Willhelm takes the knee and asks to be made a citizen along with his family, and this will be done, and they will have a house supplied too by Count de Sade. He will be kept as a thief and a go between for the Crown and the Thieves Guild of Frankia supplying each with information. Also, his contact is Floki the Tramp in the Slinky Seine. He has money sent to them to keep them going.   At the same time, they inform Emon Kanis of Birgin coming back in 24 hours for his silver. Everything is to be taken care off there. Willhelm & Ale are staying in Aachen to help make sure that Birgin is properly dealt with, and Grimmaz is to be teleported in some way to Eschbrook / Eschbach, where he will talk to the elders, and meet Father Tossil there to talk about the Black Dragon Scale, and see if they can get any further information concerning it.

Rewards Granted

3100 XP each, 250 GP each, a trade rights document when they are ready for it, 2 mithril ingots each, a Ring of Command Undead.   Willhelm (and family) has full citizenship and to act as go between the Crown and the Thieves Guild.   Ale is getting a day to celebrate their victory.   Grimmaz is offered Eschbrook / Eschbach as a lordship.

Missions/Quests Completed

Assault on Aachen

Character(s) interacted with

Emon Kanis, Alfre, Kulug Jocki, Birgin the Winter Storm, Charlemagne.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Grimmaz Fyrwin
Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP
Report Date
21 Jul 2022
Primary Location


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