The true dark ages Quick job for the guild

Quick job for the guild

Criminal Activity


Fleec Grimmaz is tasked by the Thieves Guild of Frankia to slip the family of a Saxon turncoat called Willhelm out of Aachen. He also encounters an injured Martine Sacha. She gets healed, and accompanies her to kill off Elonga Lola she was taking home. They corner her in a sewer room and kills her.   They have the time too to slip out Willhelm's mother and siblings (brother & sister) and get them to Parisius. When they do, they use the same sewer tunnels, killing a small weak vampire cult that is starting. Also, they get held up by the Count de Rais that is trying to force Fleec to get a book from southern Britain. Fleec agrees to save the life of Willhelm's mother. They get away and is left in the hands of the Thieves Guild to set up a new life in Parisius

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