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Session 32: I Vant To Suk Your Butt Report

General Summary

Agelo & Wilhelm are summoned to court and Agelo is given a new flail, and first preference to mercenary contracts. Willhelm is called up after a problem is presented about disappearances in the south of Aachen. They examine a body drained of blood with the arms & to a degree the chest crushed, and the throat severely damaged.   They visit the area it was discovered in and the derelict warehouse that the body was found in. The body was just in the doorway of it, and Agelo notices the look of the local (all destitute) appear afraid of the warehouse. They say that a ghost haunts it at night. Two men say the same to Willhelm. Agelo notices two red dots on the side of the warehouse.   They decide to try to draw out the creature by Willhelm dressing as a drunk homeless man at night. When they do Agelo hides to view the area. They don't notice anything except someone pokes the head out dressed in a cloak inside the door that pulls back in. Willhelm notices a couple of old boards of the wall has been bent out from the inside up to waist high. He slips into the warehouse and tries to attract the creature which flies past, and starts to run down the warehouse towards the back.   Willhelm shoots it with magic missiles and helps attract Agelo, who bursts in and chases it. They make their way down to the old staff area, and notices that a trap door they heard being smashed is broken. They follow down into a small storeroom with a door lying open at the end, and the smell of sewage. They go on through, and walk up a few yards of sewer, where they find a room off to the side with a sarcophagus partially opened, which Agelo kicks over destroying it. They challenge the creature to come out, and hide. When the creature walks in they attack it killing it. Agelo crushes the chest, find that it's female, and dressed in Slavic clothing. They take the cloak, the vampire teeth, and the head.   Heading back out, they talk to Emon Kanis, and explain about the vampire. A note is in the cloak signed in a different language and is the vanguard of a group looking to start up a Sect of the Lamb cult in the city. Willhelm sells two rubies for 2000 Gold, and Agelo gets 1000 Gold. They are rewarded and then go on to Charlemagne. There they are given deeds to a small plot of land to own and do whatever they want there as long as it benefits the Crown.   Willhelm goes and buys some dyes & paints to cover himself with sigils, and had been doing this before being summoned back. Also, Agelo tried to buy whiskey, and is asked what that is, as well as where Scotland is. He then buys mead.

Rewards Granted

3500 xp each.    Agelo: 250 gold, then 1000 gold, and a +1 magic flail, followed by a deed to a small parcel of land.    Willhelm: Blood Magic grimoire, book to learn one language (he chose Abyssal, a deed to a small parcel of land, and sold two rubies for 2000 gold.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Report Date
02 Sep 2022
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