Session 39: Wide Awake and Alert Report

General Summary

The heroes are sorting out a bit of business with Father Tossil. He roughly translates the pages they have saying it is cuneiform (Sumerian) and two are spells: one for raising the dead, and one for raising elementals. The other is general information from Dassem Luqman to Lord Diablos and mentions that the spells are from the Pnakotic Manuscripts. He explains that the Pnakotic Manuscripts are found in scraps as none exist fully outside the Dreamlands. Usually brought back & recorded when in a trancelike state.   A Burgeater disturbs them to say they found the body of a man in the stream seemingly dead and drained. When the workers are collected together, they find that his name is Robert (Frankish pronunciation) and they don't know where he is. A girl about 18-19 called Elvira is meant to have been in contact with him and when examined by Tossil, Fleur & Meaven, there is a bite mark on her neck. Willhelm Telepaths into her and feels a blank space in the back of her mind communicating with her. They also hear that Robert is seen around to the south examining the old mine, and the disused evil grove.   Grimmaz goes north along the stream finding that someone was waiting for someone to travel down a dirt path to the river and surprising them. This turned out to be Robert being attacked and his presence took.   After this Grimmaz & Willhelm headed south and came across the road to the old mine. Being cleared they come across the main mine where a Dwarf foreman (mainly a mic of Dwarves, Humans, and Half-Orcs) is directing the clearance of it to make it more productive. When asked, he says the mine is riddled with problems. Something, whether the Knockers or a nonhuman creature is killing of miners. That and a suspicious character (pale looking sort), weas seen taking an interest. He was seen heading up the road a while ago. When the two follow up they find him at a pile of timber scribbling down something on paper.   Willhelm snatches the paper and is revealed to be a map of the village and the different marks around the town. The character is rubbing an amulet and Willhelm snatches it too. The facade of Robert changes into a well-groomed individual stating that he didn't need the amulet anymore. It turns out it is Lord Diablos and is extremely arrogant. Grimmaz immediately attacks, followed by Willhelm & Kulug. Diablos tries to fight back but killed. They take the amulet, examine the map, remember to go back to the mine at a later date and find no further info.   When back with Tossil, he reads the map & notes, and it looks like the vampires are looking to set up a coven in the town to make it a perfect place to spread their kind. The markers for the evil grove & mine would make perfect places for them to exploit. And the girl Elvira is fine.   They then head back to the village hall where there a few people dealing with the Council of Three. The first is Childrec Ludger, who came to see about setting up his clan's forge and a route for his & associated clans trade routes / military. His business done rather quickly he leaves. The second is a representative of a Preator de Angelo who has an interest in dealing with goods, especially from Fleec Snow, that has to go to his family and the Thieves Guild of Frankia. As long as it's all above board it can go ahead. The third is pointed out by Fleur who shows them a rather strange creature sitting eating in the opposite side from her. It seems to be a bipedal rabbit, about 3 to 4 feet tall. When approached, his food seems to turn bad, and he speaks up. He introduces himself as Bushtail and has come to set up a mutual pact between the heroes and his associate Maria Mar. Alfre speaks up calling him an Harengon, and he says that she can always contact them, and they can be found in Novgorod in the Ilmen East Slavs / Rus territory. He can help too with the Hidden Paths associated with the Feywild and help them travel.   When Willhelm goes near anyone with food or drink it spoils and blamed the amulet. His strange mentor calls it dead magic and he dumps it. Grimmaz takes it to Tossil who will pass it to Emon Kanis to store it away. Earlier it was explained that it contained a telepathic link to Lord Diablos' master and has a bit of his blood allowing the link and the shapeshifting ability to work.

Rewards Granted

4700 XP

Character(s) interacted with

Rep of Preator de Angelo, Bushtail, Bjorn, Maeven, Fleur, Father Tossil, Childrec, Lord Diablos, Alfre, Dwarven mine foreman.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Grimmaz Fyrwin
Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP
Report Date
25 Nov 2022
Primary Location


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