Bushtail is a Fey, a Harengon to be exact. Hailing from the Feywild he has had numerous strange encounters, at least by the standards of the peoples of Earth. At present he has been assigned by the Courts of the Feywild to help & act as a dogsbody to a Human Bard called Maria Mar.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Bushtail is now getting on a bit in years and not as sprightly as he was once. With this age, he has built up a good number of scars over his body. Slightly slower than he used to be, Bushtail is till quite athletically built.

Body Features

Bushtail follows the general body form of all Harengons, being a bipedal rabbit folk. Because of this his forepaws are developed into grasping hands, and he has the legs & head of a rabbit, along with full bodyfur. His fur is predominately mid brown with a slight mix of black, white & gray fur.

Facial Features

The face of Bushtail fits the general description of a rabbit. He has the slight extended muzzle, with a constant twitching nose, the ears of a rabbit, and fur predominately covering his face. His teeth & jaws are constantly gnawing due to the former constantly growing. He nearly always has a bit of a smile, and his eyes are black, slightly larger and with a twinkle in them.

Special abilities

As a Fey, Bushtail has the knack of avoiding or reducing the effects of charm magic, and sleep magic aimed at him. He seems to be, like most Harengons, incredibly lucky, avoiding the worst the worlds can throw at him. His ancestry allows him to jump quickly and precisely.

Apparel & Accessories

Bushtail wears a leather armoured jerkin, and patches of leather armour on his limbs. He sometimes wears an iron skull cap. A smallish rapier hangs constantly at his side, and he sometimes carries a small shield. Pouches hang on a belt filled with any minor equipment he may need, and tough foodstuffs he can nibble on while out and about. Three golden earrings hang from his left ear, and he regularly carries a brush to use on his fur.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Bushtail was born in the Feywild to a set of Harengons who regularly travelled to the Material Planes. One of their favourites was a planet called Earth by some or Terra by others, though any number of names existed. They acted as go-betweens of the Fey and the different cultures that existed on the world. There was something about the differing European tribes and fertile lands that they especially enjoyed. This led to them opening hidden portals & pathways in many lands both in Europe & the Feywild.   After a number of generations, Bushtail was born into the extended family. Seeing how his family operated and their ability to slip through the hidden paths of the two dimensions, he learned as much as possible about these and has a comprehensive knowledge of the majority of paths. Very little escapes him when travelling them, and this came to the attention of the Seelie & Unseelie Courts. They requested his presence at the age of 21 and offered him a purpose. They wanted him to act as one of their personal messengers, to hunt out potential threats to the Feywild, and to help out other peoples or individuals who might help in protecting the natural world & Feywild.   A number of years went by, and he had proven himself countless times. After being sent by the Council to spy on a recently reactivated portal, he made the grim discovery that an ancient cult in the Ural Mountains was expanding further. This cult was the Necrocult, and a shifting of the rocks in a crevice in the Dyaltov Pass had breached at both ends. One lay at the outside end and the internal end had breached the walls of a major artery to the city of the Necrocult. It seemed the breach occurred due to the main magically locked door to the city had been recently activated allowing an army of mounted undead to sally forth.   Keeping his eyes & ears alert, Bushtail witnessed the slaughter at the entrance to the Dyaltov Pass of a group of militarised humans. One seemed to survive & flee into the Pass... a nine-year-old girl, terrified after seeing the dead walk and her parents killed. She made it up far enough to be able to cross into the crevice, although exhausted, frightened, and injured from an arrow shot.   Knowing the portal was now open there, Bushtail went to her aid when he had the opportunity and pulled her through to the Feywild. Using all his skill and the healers of the Feywild, they brought her back to full strength and realised the potential in her. When pulled through, she had been magically touched by the raw power of the Feywild, and they in turn had learned her name as Maria Mar. Bushtail was to be her guardian and help to train her and help her out any way he could.   So far, he has diligently done this, helping to teach her or provide teachers to improve her fighting skills, languages, Skaldic traditions, and magic. At the same time, Bushtail acts as her go-between when necessary, with the local nobility. He has shown her some of the Hidden Paths and is at present trying to help get a few adventurers / mercenaries together to help her combat the Necrocult.


Bushtail has been taught many of his talents, and how to use his innate talents, by members of his family. Coupled with this, his contacts in the Feywild & on Earth, has allowed him to expand on these talents.


He acts on behalf of the Seelie & Unseelie Courts while tending to Maria, allowing him great latitude in day-to-day activities. Money and basic necessities are regularly supplied.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Looking after and caring for Maria is his greatest accomplishment to date.

Failures & Embarrassments

Not being able to save Maria's family or their comrades was, to him, his greatest regret in life.

Intellectual Characteristics

A bit scatter brained, Bushtail is still quick-witted and prefers a peaceful life. He worries constantly what will become of Maria, whether on the battlefield, or when he dies.

Morality & Philosophy

Life is all that matters to Bushtail. It does not matter what that life is, as long as it is part of nature. Anything deviating from this is to be avoided at all costs, or if not then utterly destroyed. He likes to help those that share similar lines of thinking.


Bushtail's biggest no-no is anything to do with Necromancy and the summoning of evil forces. These are corruptions of life as far as Bushtail is concerned and against the natural order.

Personality Characteristics


Bushtail feels a kinship with nature and innocence. With having a large family, he feels a need to look out for any young being that is truly innocent. With his distaste of dark magic and the undead, he will happily aid others or recruit them into combatting threats from these.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Bushtail is friendly & gregarious yet can be given to dark moods on occasion. This can lead him to be quite easy to deal with when the moods don't hit. When the dark moods hit, he can be quite withdrawn and tired.

Likes & Dislikes

Bushtail likes to nibble constantly whether on foodstuffs or other chewable material. He does like to deal with animals of all kinds.   He doesn't like the dead one bit and generally avoids dealing with these creatures where possible, and any being that dabbles on necromancy.

Virtues & Personality perks

He knows many of the Hidden Paths of the Feywild and is quite friendly to any who respects nature. He knows the importance of family even with any conflict within the group. Loyal to his friends and family is most important and has gathered many favours within the Feywild. Trusted by many of the Fey, he knows how to deal with most of them.

Vices & Personality flaws

Bushtail has a liking for chewing willow bark. Having been scarred mentally & physically in combat against a Boneclaw, he has never fully healed from the wounds. The pain it causes is still deep enough the analgesic qualities in the willow bark helps to some degree.


Contacts & Relations

Bushtail has contacts in the Bardic traditions all over the Baltic Sea, along with healers & shamans of many kinds. He has proved useful to many Rus & Ilmen nobles by supplying information to them about their enemies & other more esoteric threats. He has been across most of Europe / Eurasia building up relations with other Earth based Fey. With originating from the Feywild, Bushtail has contacts within the Seelie & Unseelie Courts that gives him some clout in the Fey.

Family Ties

Bushtail comes from a large tribe of Harengons spread throughout the Feywild and Earth with multiple generations and family members.

Religious Views

Pagan. Bushtail worships a number of pagan deities related to nature.

63 year old Harengon Mentor to Maria Mar Part of the Feywild

Character Location
Current Location
" He's a sprightly one that Bushtail. He never remembers me, though. Was too young and had only encountered my tribe the once before the Saxons destroyed our
Chaotic Good
Current Location
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Mottled brown fur with elements of white & black
3 feet, 2 inches
Aligned Organization
Related Plots
Related Reports
Known Languages
Sylvan, Elvish, Common (Saxon, Old Nord, East Slavic (Ilmen), Brythonic & Gaelic)


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