Something is Calling

When Willhelm starts to experiment with magic and the cult rituals, he starts to have visions, dreams, and nightmares.

Plot points/Scenes

Willhelm has decided to become a Warlock. By doing so, and finding occult lore, there is plenty to attract the attention of many patrons & paths to power. Unfortunately, not all are good, and a series of dangerous visions are experienced most related to aspects of the cults that have populated the world at large. Many will show hellscapes and him in a position of power if he has the fortitude to stay the course.   He will need the aid of the others to choose wisely and find protection from the worst of the unnatural predators that now have picked up his presence.   A few of the disturbing scenes can be:
  • A world covered in storm clouds with masses of tentacles penetrating the, attached to partially hidden bulbous bodies of strange shape & size. Some are covered in eyes, mouths & similar structures, pustules, and other weird structures. The world is ruined, and dark colours are glowing from tears in reality, with warped structures growing out of the ground & sky.
  • An underground cavern the size of a couple of cities and a crumbling city at it's centre, where the dead walk and a priest-like skeletal being with a staff & robes looking down from a tower over the city.
  • A world ruled by dragons, and monumental structures to them are everywhere.
  • A world where life is overly abundant and everchanging. Animals & Fey are everywhere.
  • A world of eternal night where the living are hunted by bloodthirsty beings, and a huge ziggurat sits where Babylon used to, with blood sacrifice & slaves take place.
  • A hellish world where demons & devils are everywhere and the lost & the damned are slaves to their masters.
  • A world where the Shadowfell has sucked in the planet.
  • A world where the whole planet is a blasted wasteland of black stone & sand, with black pyramids are dotted hundreds of miles apart, some floating of the ground, and storm clouds fill the sky.
In many cases something stares back and skims the mind of Willhelm. Over time one or more seems to take an interest and the bond seems to grow stronger. He can use the skills of some of the others to bolster himself, along with any rituals to try to prevent any connection form.


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