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Session 35: Pumping a priest for more info.... Report

General Summary

A longship pulls into the Parisius docks and starts to off-load its cargo. A Goliath by the name of¬†Freyja modir var arrives on the ship and departs to the Slinky Seine.   Looking for work she approaches the bar and asks if there a room and work available. The bar maid explains there's nothing available at present, but the Gnome known as Floki the Tramp might have some work for her. She then proceeds to put on a show with a story for the patrons, and with one of the Half-Orc triplets (Tuff in particular). Using the skills Freyja picked up training under the Bard School of Blades she challenges Tuff to hit the mouth of a large pike mounted on the wall. Three goes, and Freyja wins 5 gold pieces.   At the same time, Grimmaz & Willhelm is finishing up with Father Tossil, they are tasked with travelling to Parisius to retrieve a scroll Floki the Tramp has retrieved on the black market for the Order of St Benedict. He gives them two Amythest stone with one way dimension doors built in. A small magic hammer is used to smash the Amythest to open the door that will collapse behind them. He smashes one and hand over the remaining stone and hammer before they travel to Parisius with the intent of travelling from there to Eschbach afterwards.   When they enter The Slinky Seine, they see the Goliath at the bar drinking and have horrible flashbacks to dealing with Agelo. They also run into Floki the Tramp. At the same time, Freyja realises the markings in places in the tavern as belonging to the Thieves Guild of Frankia, and remembers they are probably the most powerful thieves guild in Europe. At the same time, Wilhelm & Grimmaz recognize the marks on the leather armour of Floki and his comrades. There they retrieve the scroll.   Floki explains that he has heard about the village of Eschbach and has a number of proposals for them, and Frejya. He wants to set up a guild branch in Eschbach and wants Frejya to play a few nights every month in the tavern they will take over. They will happily help out with guild specialists advising the lordship & council as well as supplying specialists when needed to the nobility too. They will happily lift anything they think as important and let them know too, as well as paying Freyja 200 gold a month and if they find any spell scrolls will pass them to her & Willhelm where possible. On top of that, Frejya can come & go as she pleases on the understanding this may mean she is gone for extended periods, carry out tasks where needed for the guild and supply them with information & muscle where necessary. They also have first pick of anything that she brings back when she's getting rid of stuff.   They will help out with the trading hub and the actual trade that goes on keeping a low profile along with helping Willhelm where they can.   At this point they decide to leave. Going outside, Frejya makes a move on Grimmaz who is displeased with her and her 'strong thighs'. When they arrive in Eschbach, they meet up with the council and Mikhail Andolf, who agrees that the Thieves Guild could be a help as long as they leave the local population alone, and work for the community. At the same time the Burgeaters have been bolstered by a further ten men, and many specialist builders & tradesmen have arrived. They start to formulate a plan to raid the Saxon village of Auswerchen and to capture Jarl Athelbrooke. Frejya breaks out a story that many of her kin were killed by the Saxons and looking revenge including killing children and has done the same in return. She mentions that they could get Athelbrooke and she could kill him with her 'strong thighs', with Willhelm hiding in fear and saying that should only be used as a Plan B if things go wrong and Athelbrooke is more trouble than he is worth.

Rewards Granted

4200 XP each.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Grimmaz Fyrwin
Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP
Report Date
07 Oct 2022
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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