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Catching up with Eschbach

The team arrive back at Eschbach and set about the business needed there. There's quite a few bits & pieces needed done.

Plot points/Scenes

The team wakes up and start going about their business.   Grimmaz falls ill and is likely poisoned by the Countess in a deliberate attempt to remove him, though no proof is forthcoming.   Cyrielle, Reolus, and Anselma are left to fend for themselves and are given a few tasks to do.   Firstly, to remove the poison from Grimmaz, they need to find a flower bud from an extremely rare flower called the Passion's Kiss. A clump of them were seen recently south east of the village. It is growing on a small clump of plant material, in the middle of a swampy area. Going in, there is a couple of pikes swimming in the dirty water that may take a nibble. These are scared off, then the feeling of a tentacle touching the leg of a player. They are also sure they see slight movement & a large black eye is seen in the water. Nothing else happens.   Secondly, all three are given the chance to stay. Reolus has the chance to be inducted to the Thieves Guild of Frankia, and shown to a safe house with his own premises beside it. Cyrielle is asked to become the mage of Eschbach to act as the court mage when the Mote-and-Baillie is finished. She is also told that the de Rais can't make a direct move against her in the boundaries of Eschbach. Anselma (and Magnar) is given the chance to become Frankish citizens with a building for their needs at the edge of the forest, and with the help of the local church & clerics / druids of the local religions can permanently open a portal in the grounds of the south eastern grove.   Third, the south east grove will need cleansed and needs another flower bud of the Passion's Kiss along with a small lump of the Mistletoe's Blood Clot. They have to make sure that neither are damaged or stolen before or during the rituals needed.   Also, they all can get training in one skill, language, weapon, or armour of their choice. Trainers are present of one form or another. This may need a DC roll to achieve or later on to get this. Any skills, weapons, or AC gives a +1 to these.   A fighter is brought along with the Aachen group. Loughlan Gatir is introduced, with Count de Ath tells Grimmaz that the former is to be attached to the local military to allow for a bit of extra expertise for them. When he arrives a Druid from the grove called Emma Duckthorne and reveals when Loughlan arrived a crow arrived at the grove and coughed up a bloody halfling thumb. It is being seen as a Geas attached to Loughlan linked somehow (maybe Morrigan has him marked? Or Odin even?).   Another arrives. An Italian called Salapane arrives looking for a mix of trade and/or items to use for healing. She soon hears of the Passion's Kiss, it's rarity and the supposed healing property of it. Chances are that the Blood Moon may contact / approach Salapane looking to 'cure' one of their number of some fake ailment. They are likely checking her out. The woman has the name Magaritte le Garou.   A new ally: Amon Schwarz, joins after being assigned to Father Tossil to help with the physical aspects of his job.     Reolus also receives a gift, a blade that looks as if it's fixed to something else other than a handle....   Father Tossil also has information to say that he has information about the Temple of Set saying that it is an ancient snake religion and related to the Cult of Seth & Apophis & the Yuan-Ti. There is a rumour of an old city in the forests of the Bohemian Massif, but couldn't be sure. Also, Dassem Luqman is mentioned. They are told he is a schemer and thought off as being millions of years old. He has nothing to do with the Necrocult, and the Children of the Nazarene is based deep in the Middle East. He is constantly active and will regularly travel into the world to check out enemies & potential allies. He would happily see the Necrocult destroyed, and move into the space left by them if it was removed altogether.   Grimmaz has to sort out the fallout after the fort. A message has been sent to Charlemagne that has been received & and Emon Kanis has temporarily used Plane Shift to get Count de Ath, and Countess Gabrielle de Rais, with a small relevant bodyguard for each to Eschbach. This is while Elvira Appel has arrived looking an audience with the Council, and preferably with Grimmaz. The fort, it's contents, and the two children (Angelique & Rufus) are dealt with. The two children will be handed over to the Countess, who loses the fort and it's contents with it handed over to Grimmaz. Father Tossil will be dispatched to sort out the strange glass tube (about 2.5 ft across and about 6ft high, chased with silver especially at the top & bottom. It contains a Necroichor according to the silver plaque on its front half way up and has the name of Zarovich the Lich written in Infernal). A tax of 500 gold, and two of the gold bars are levied for the paperwork. The Countess is allowed to retrieve the bodies. All three of the others are given the chance to settle down and take a plot of land, building and / or business in or around Eschbach.


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