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On the way to Egypt

The team find out information concerning the Black Pyramid.

Plot points/Scenes

The team are supplied information that they should check out Alexandria and the north of the city. There strange portents have been seen in the water by the ports and it looks as if something is awakening.   They now have the option of travelling to the Levant and able to arrange transport to the Egyptian city of Alexandria. There they can find room & board easily enough when they arrive, and start hearing rumours. To the south, at Luxor, an underground tomb complex has been found and undead is meant to have scared off explorers (and rumoured to have a temple to Seth & Apophis). Alexandria itself is being troubled lately with underground problems. The sea was frozen around the port at one stage after some saw a white serpent of huge size deep in the water slightly north of it. This co-insides with an internal wall in the old Alexandria Library giving way after a localised earthquake revealing an old room with a room & corridor leading off it at the other end. This is in the northern end, and appears to slope to a degree downwards. The room contains a collection of crumbling documents & papers, along with a crumbling skeleton with thin cuts on it similar to papercuts. At the end of a corridor there is a spiral staircase leading downwards below sea-level, and some water damage with it leaking in. At the bottom is a stone door on the north wall. It is a mix of sandstone and carved with Old Pharaonic script saying that the Way of the Snake lies ahead. On the ground is elements of black obsidian sand underfoot.   If the way down is examined, there is signs of footfall recently, including around the old wall.   If the door is opened this opens to the very edge of the region containing the Black Pyramid. It is built into a massive cavern wall with the top unable to be seen. A well-worn trail leads on down through a dark rocky environment with black sand, obsidian rock worn in strange shapes and an Onyx Tower is seen in the distance.¬†Also, they may notice Birgin the Winter Storm in the distance in the cavern flying round the top point of the pyramid.He seems to be looking at something below him.   Along the wall is another trail and worn with both tracks including foot fall & a swishing motion on it like a snake. If examined, it leads to a natural cavern that gets small enough to allow a single person of large size to move up or down, and worn away by a mix of water & sand. Leading up it will appear in a small set of hills to the east of Alexandria near the coast and in an unpopulated region, though strange old sand stone pillars are found half buried here, and a chill wind blows. The pillars have elements carved in with snakes, pyramids, and two strange 'monsters' on it: a huge sea serpent like creature with strange sharp designs on it, and the other a void like creature with multiple eyes. To the south a mile or so is an oasis.   They can travel further down of they want, encountering the Onyx Tower.   If they take a look they may want to either press on or see about allies. Especially that they have an opening to the region. Recent use at the part outside Alexandria down into the cavern, appears to show that a large force of creatures had travelled down into the cavern. Not all appear human or humanoid. A large group of Jackalweres will attack after remaining hidden. On them will be electrum coins of ancient design bearing serpent heads.


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