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Roman Catholic

Main Christian religion sweeping through Europe. It is Christian in belief and holds the Bible as the source of religious text. God (or Jehovah) is the deity worshipped, along with his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Holy Mary is attached, and God has a Host of Angels carrying out His wishes and demands. Catholics believe in Saints who are pious individuals who have worked miracles, died for their beliefs, and/or led an exceptionally pious lives.   It has a supernatural enemy in the Devil (also called Satan or Lucifer to name a few), along with an apocryphal belief in the End Times where the faithful will go to Heaven, and the Devil, his demonic hordes and nonbelievers are sent to hell. The Devil is to send his son, the Antichrist to Earth in these tales, along with the Beast, making an unholy trinity in place of the Holy Trinity. They will be accompanied by the Dragon with 7 heads & 10 horns, with the Whore of Babylon on it's back.


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