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Choices, Choices

The team are to decide where to go next, and what to do.

Plot points/Scenes

The team meet up aftera good rest and meet up in the inn or the twon hall. There they will meet with the council and let them know what is happening. They may get a visit from Bushtail telling them that Novogorod is suffering a series of strange attacks by undead, and one of the Ludger clan (likely Chidrec). They also will get word that there seems to be series of meetings between the de Rais family and elements of the allies. Reolus may get a visit from a pregnant female Tabaxi too claiming he got her pregnant. She is called Firpit Flea, and if questioned well enough is found to be lying. She is a patsy & a distraction from the Bladed Pouch.   If they decide to go to the cavern then the following happens:   Beyond the room is a large fissure in the wall at a 34 degree angle. If investigated, there is a strange sight. The team can see that a huge cavern with bioluminescent fungi & mould growing in places is at the end a few yards down. A statue of a humanoid figure stands a number of yards away from the base of the slope. It seems to be an edge marker to someones territory, and there is a rough carved road goes far off into the distance to the east from it. This disappears into the distance. The statue is about 8 feet tall, and is of a humanoid creaure with ribbed clothing carved out of stone. The head & face is elongated with five tentacles carved. No eyes are visible as if it is wearing a visor. A ribbed helmet-like design is carved into the head, and the whole thing looks as if the 'clothing' & 'body' are one. A stretched out hand is holding a carved dagger with blade down, and it has a ribbed handle & spikes appear on the blade.   Around the base, set into the pedestal, is small thumb-sided bits of amber that glow if approached. This is hte same amber used to make amber sarcophagi.   Any further exploration will show passages into the Underdark, and the odd body of Gnomes, Dwarves, Druegar, and Black Elkves are present here & there. A few are fresh kills. At the same time, if the statue is approached, this may have attracted Primordial Kin, dressed in similar gear to the statue.   If the area is examined they see near the statue & road that similar resin is present and more leading down to the east along the road. At the end of the road is a gated wall to an ancient underground city with some Primordial Kin (and a hidden portal to their dimension), and a temple at the centre to the Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep. It contains a large chunk of amber (the sarcophagus type), and the whole city originally built by the Black Elves. Chaos trules here with statues & relieffs of biomechanical monstrosities are found throughout. In the same chamber is a huge bas-relief with a skeletal creature with a huge flattened head crestlong legs & tail & upper arms, and a smaller set of arms in it's chest. Elements of the living resin is everywhere and strange screeches & noises come from below the temple, and there is a risk that a purple worm appears if the amber is attacked.     If they decide to go to Orleans then the mission "Into Orleans".     If they decide to go to Novgorod, they can take the Hidden Paths between the Material Plane & the Feywild. This kicks in the mission "Novgorod Is Calling".


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