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Miss Moro the Magnificent Mage

Miss Moro the Magnificent Mage is a travelling entertainer in central Europe. She primarily uses her talents at magic to entertain audiences, whether the young during market days or religious holidays, or in the courts during those same days. Known as much for her bubbly character and constant smile, little seems to get her down. This is not to say there is tragedy in her past, but has overcame it.   Originally from Hibernia, and a member of the McBride clan, Miss Moro is well travelled. She has recently found herself in the middle of a an expanding town called Eschbach.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Moro is a Warlock to all intents & purposes with her family being the same, all of whom have a Fey master boosting their abilities. It is now at the point that sooner or later the chance of full blown sorcerers appearing in the McBride bloodline.

Apparel & Accessories

One piece of apparel that Moro has came to find useful is glasses. Originally got through a trader from Brittany, Moro prefers wearing such apparel in the largest she can find, along with finely detailed versions from far afield.   She also has a set of belt pouches filled with all sorts of spell components collected from wherever she can find them.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Miss Moro was born into the Mac Brigdhe (or Mc/MacBride) clan to Donal & Deirdre McBride who were Cunning Folk for the local community when not tending to their farm. She learned magic at an early age from and the local Shee helped in her training. Donal regularly travelled with the Toiseach & Tonisha and their warbands when they raided other clans & tribes acting as both a skirmisher & healer. Deirdre stayed behind during these times to look after Moro and the farm, just to the north east of Dun na nGall (Donegall) Town, and it's Motte-n-Baillie castle.   Unfortunately, when Moro reached the age of 11 her father Donal was killed in battle when fighting alongside their masters the northern O'Neills when an argument erupted between them and the southern O'Neills. Not uncommon, these scuffles regularly happened when both sides fought over the high king position, the fact that it happened on the grounds of Tara marked a dangerous turning point for the family. With it happening on such sacred soil, the southern O'Neills tried to use this as an excuse to tarnish the McBride family for partially separating from the Old Ways and following the teachings of Christianity, and the Shee they had dealings with were actually Formarians instead, and a curse had been placed on Tara. Whether true or not, the Druids & the leaders had to be seen to take some action to cool down the situation. Most knew the charges were bogus, so sent word to have Deirdre & Moro publicly removed from their land and denounced as demon worshippers. All the while the northern O'Neills used their influence & contacts to secretly move the two to the presently neutral Munster, where a hefty payment in cattle & gold led to them being secreted in the middle of the region. At the time of his death Moro was sure she had heard & seen a Banshee howl near the family homestead, something that the rest of the family hoped was just the imagination of a young child, but weren't sure, knowing such things happen.   Here both spent most of Moro's teenage years until she was old enough to leave on her own. With little in the way of prospects financially Moro took her skills of healing and magic, and started travelling the southern Hibernian regions as an entertainer helping those on the side as a healer. Eventually, upon hearing that expeditions were taking place to Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany, where the locals of these places spoke similarly, would trade openly with them, and accepted mercenaries, it proved an allure to see foreign lands. It also allowed for some distance to be put between Moro, her younger self, and the bad memories of her past.   This led to Moro taking to the road and sea more often, exploring more of the British Isles, and western parts of continental Europe. Having spent this time, she has reached deep into Frankish territory and arrived first at the city of Parisius. Seeing the grandeur of the architecture, and nearly getting robbed in the infamous The Slippery Seine in the process, she made her way to the northern age of the empire and the border with Old Saxony. Seeing the horrors released by the grinding Saxon War, she never believed she would have seen conflict on this scale before. Or did she want to ever again. Unfortunately, this was not to be. At the same time, the Shee that is constantly appearing to her warned, her skills may be of some use to both sides. None more so that the inhabitants of a town to the south.   There they explained, a number of individuals stood out. One who was troubled by the interference of ancient evil that has started to whisper to him, and two others who have suffered at the brutality of conflict. One who has lost his family to a Saxon raid, and one of their kind with links to the Seelie Court. So, ever being a pragmatic soul, Moro has made her way to the town of Eschbach to follow up on these tales told by the Shee.

Personality Characteristics


Moro had the feeling since young to travel, and leave Hibernia with it's awful memories behind. The further away she is from there, the safer she feels, and knowing that somewhere like the edge of a civilisation such as Frankia, needs help and to be uplifted in dark times such as this.
This character is based on the marvellous It's Moro of WA and the Sunday stream host. Obviously very loosely based and in no way an accurate portrayal.   One of a selection of NPCs with no character sheet at present. May be done down the line, who knows?

Chirpy Hibernian Mage A healer to boot Traveller

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"She's making her way there now. Help our wayward fighters in some way I hope. Had to call in a favour with the Shee, if you remember them Maria. Duplicitous as always, as they are. Never knew how they were going to go them falling between the Seelie & Unseelie.   What? Oh yes, yes. Where was I?   Got them to set up a message to this Miss Moro McBride. She can be useful, and hopefully give them an extra little boost. Another healer in the region will be useful, and her magic can help the Fae in the area stay on top of the evils there.   I'll go now and see if there's anything else I can do now."   Bushtail talking to Maria Mar.
Chaotic Good
Current Status
Travelling round central Europe
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Dark Brown
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Roman Catholic
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