Carts, Wagons, Carriages

Carts, wagons, and carriages are wheeled objects in use in many advanced countries. They can be used by to carry goods, items, and/or people, and either pulled by people or draught animals (usually horses).   Carts are the simplest and oldest form of these. It is usually two or four wheeled, and many are pulled by hand. Small & practical it can be used to transport a small amount of goods and/or equipment. Each is generally built to carry smaller loads than the others.   Wagons are larger and usually four wheeled, and are used to pull heavy amounts of weight. They are usually pulled by cart horses. They are in use on farms, hauling goods between settlements, equipment for armies, and countless other uses.   Carriages are the rarest form in this era, and only really used by royalty to travel in some comfort. Pulled by horses, they are majestic to look at, and most are designed to hide the occupants from view if need be.


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