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Wheeled Heavy Land Train

Wheeled Heavy Land Trains are a recent addition found in the most northerly regions of the Underdark. Only four are rumoured to exist and the designs purportedly brought to the Nordic Svart Alfs (Black Elves) by clan elements in the world of Svartalfheimr. Those that have seen it think it may have either been stolen from the Dwarves of Svartalfheimr due to the physical build of it or made with their help. It seems to be made of priceless wrought metals and run on magic.

Power Generation

The Land Train is powered by an engine wired to the controls, lights, weapons & wheel systems. It has a solid core of adamantine & mithril combined in a black iron chamber covered in magical sigils to strengthen it, stopping the chamber exploding & it's contents escaping. Inside with the metal core, there is a trapped fire elemental that rages at it's confinement. The chamber is also deliberately created as small as possible to further enrage the elemental. The adamantine & mithral is crushed by the elemental and by doing so, releases magical power that is siphoned off by the systems using adamantine power cables covered in a strange leathery substance that has sigils on them to stop the power escaping.


When the operator pulls back a lever, it causes a power surge to the wheels that causes the Land Train to move. Depending on how far the lever is pulled back affects the amount of energy released from the engine. To switch off, the lever is pushed back into the off setting.

Weapons & Armament

The Land Train has two cannons mounted on the back. When no being used for attack, these act as makeshift exhausts, and can have munitions & projectiles placed in them. To do the latter there is a loading mechanism in the body of the Land Train for each and can take large bore cannon shots, and the smoke & heat from the engine is allowed to build up before it fire up to near 1 mile. The shells range from solid cannon balls made of basic metals up to & including iron, metal lined partially empty ceramic shells that splinter into shards, gas & liquid poison & acid shells, or magical shells that explode with the effects of the spells. Sometimes a huge harpoon or crossbow bolt can be fitted but this usually requires being mounted from the outside.

Armor and defense

Armoured through & through, the Land Train is built at least in part to withstand cave-ins, explosions and most vonventional weapons. It is armoured on the inside too, in the off-chance the wards & sigils of the engine fails so the structure of it remains intact even if the crew are killed.   The actual armoured plates on the outside are made of a mix of mithril, adamantine, high strength steel, and silver.The former two are placed in specific regions to binf everything together, making the systems highly rigid at the core areas, along with a flexibility at other areas like the external seams. At the same time the steel is used for the basic structure & armour plates before being treated with the rest, giving a solid dependable build. Silver is the placed at seemingly random parts and worked into surfaces allowing for sigils to be placed in it.   Spell sigils & wards are carved into many different parts, between welds & layers, and on the armour itself. These act as a form of protection from different specific elements and attacks. They also include sigils & wards that are used to strengthen the overall build.   The wheels are also spiked to allow traction on softer ground and to stop a creature getting too close to these.

Communication Tools & Systems

The crew generally has a series of tubes running through the whole system they can use to listen for & shout instructions to each other. Some crews have used flahs or specific items to show what is too be done. The odd crew uses magic in one form or another to communicate usually relying on the like that needs Somantic components only or psionics.
The Terror of the Deep
Creation Date
Unknown but recent
Current location
5000000 gold minimum
8.75 metres
5.5 metres
15 tonnes
10 miles per hour in open terrain
Complement / Crew
6 crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Storage room & sleeping quarters for crew onlu

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I am a sucker for land trains. I don’t know why but i love the concept and this a damn fine one

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