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Charles Mesner

Lord Charles Mesner, I

Charles Mesner is remembered as one of the founding nobles of the Republic of Troth and leading the charge for independence from Calios with The Northern Secession.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Paintings of Charles depict him as a rather tall, clean shaven man with cropped blonde hair and a stern, commanding air.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Charles Mesner is credited with masterminding the Northern Secession, not only through military tactics once the rebellion had been declared, but also by laying years worth of ground work for it and the country that would rise from it to succeed.   He formed strategic alliances with the other nobles of the region, served as a major figure in coordinating resources and weapons to fortify their defense, and timed the rebellion to where the winter weather of the region would give them every advantage to cement their new borders.

Personality Characteristics


Charles is remembered as a noble who sought to break free from the constraints of the mages of Calian court, who would constantly try and exert control over the region despite the capital being well on the opposite side of the country from them.   Some historians, though, theorize that Charles may have, at least in part, been motivated by the potential to gain full control over the northern trade routes and make Loch Mesner a more prominent trading hub.



Following the Northern Secession, Sonheim became the capital of the newly established country with Charles serving as the head of the High Council for over a decade until retirement.

Contacts & Relations

In the years leading up to the Secession, Charles made alliances with:
  • House Wirna, the main military power of the region
  • House Caravet, who controlled a key defensive point between the region and the great Holy Kingdom
  • House Rosar, whose lands made up the majority of the region's farmland
  • House Ordel, a house popular with and trusted by the civil classes

Wealth & Financial state

The Mesners, already well off even before the Secession, were able to make a renewed fortune following the rebellion as they gained greater control over northern trade routes as well as Loch Mesner became the central hub for commerce.
Current Location
1157 1222 65 years old
Place of Death
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Founded Settlements

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