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The Northern Secession

After generations of thinning magical bloodlines and subsequent losses in their standing in court, the Northern nobility of Calios formed an alliance and seceded from the kingdom to form the Ellerich Alliance.

The Conflict


The northern nobility of Calios had experienced significant thinning of their magical bloodlines for generations, resulting in a loss of their standings in court.    Coupled with political interference from the distant southern capital, the nobility decided to form an alliance and seceded from the kingdom.


Troops under the command of Houses Mesner, Caravet, and Wirna converged and fortified positions along the Wulpine Mountains .   To defend their ports and prevent any sea-based attacks by Caliios, Houses Ordel and Rosar bolstered their defenses along their coastal regions.


The majority of battle took place in and around the Wulpine mountain range.


The Secession was timed specifically so that winter weather would set in soon into it. This was advantageous as the northern troops were more accustomed to the cold weather while their southern counterparts would be less equipped.   By the time winter had passed, the rebel nobles and their troops would have months to dig in and cement their positions.

The Engagement

Given the defensive positions along the Wulpine mountains and lack of sailing vessels for naval action, the conflict turned into a large-scale siege. One that the northerners were well-equipped to weather with enough troops to hold their positions and farmland to kept civilians and troops alike fed.


Troth was established as its own nation and the former Calian nobility regained much of its political power.   Calios lost its northern region and the majority of its mining operations in the Wulpine mountains.


The northern nobility had used the heavily anti-magic Church of Sone to win over support of the Secession with the public, leading to Troth becoming an unfavorable society towards mages.   Diplomatic and even personal ties between the two countries and noble houses therein were irrevocably changed from that point forward.

Historical Significance

In Literature

Notably, works written in Calios following the Secession have a tendency to depict northerners as treacherous, cunning schemers.   Likewise, it's not uncommon for a Trothian writer to characterize Calian nobility as corrupt, using their magic as justification for whatever argument they make.

Technological Advancement

Due to its new aversion to magic, Trothian society soon looking more towards technological advancement that did not rely on mages. Present day, it is now the world's leader in the fields of mechanics and alchemy.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
September 12, 1459
Ending Date
April 23, 1460
Conflict Result
The rebellious northern nobility seceded and formed what is now the Republic of Troth



The Northern Nobility had strong defenses along the Wulpine mountains, where their forces could effectively bottleneck and repel Southern troops.   A major asset for their forces was the recent introduction of firearms to Northern garrisons.   The Northern region also possessed enough raw materials and infrastructure to maintain society without assistance from the south.
Calios possessed the larger fighting force as well as ready access to mage soldiers.



The Northern Nobility sought to break away from Calios due to their diminished standings in court and continuous political interference from the southern capital.
To put down the secession of the rebel nobles and restabilize the kingdom's hold of the region.

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Sage RandoScorpio
5 Aug, 2022 00:25

What a great article. Easy to read, easy to follow, and clearly laid out. I like the use of the terrain and weather as allies for the northern nobility!

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5 Aug, 2022 14:28

Thanks!   I'm admittedly not the best with military subjects, so happy to see this be well received.   I might suggest looking at Charles Mesner's article (my entry for the Great Leader prompt). I wrote him and the Secession largely at the same time and his article gives a bit more info on the political prepping for the conflict.