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The king acts as the highest authority with the nobility and knights directly under him.


Calian society emphasizes the importance of magic and applies it to nearly all levels of its citizenry. Commoners who show magical potential often have more opportunities availed to them such as research and military positions. The nobility prides itself on having bloodlines with strong affinities towards magic. Even when non-magic families are promoted into court, there is often an unspoken need for them to incorporate a magical bloodline in order to better secure their claim.   That is not to say that non-magic citizens are ostracized or left by the wayside. As stated above, it is not unknown for such families to earn a place in court for themselves. Many citizens are able to distinguish themselves through military service, successes in trade, diplomacy, scholarly achievement, and other paths worth merit.

Public Agenda

Following a war with Troth, Calios is currently recovering from military loses. In particular, it seeks to rebuild its forces of mages.


  • Mages; Even after its war with Troth, Calios still maintains one of the densest populations of mages within its borders.
  • Magical Research

Demography and Population

Calios is a predominately Human kingdom.   Elven communities have begun to be established as trade with Kyama has grown. (which region do these communities exist in?)


The regions of the kingdom are divided between the lords of nobility. The capital city {} and its surrounding lands fall under the direct control of the royal family, acting both as a central seat of power and a neutral ground between the nobles.


  • Highest concentration of battle mages

Foreign Relations

  • Troth: Strained following a war twenty years prior. The two nations currently maintain a ceasefire. Trade negotiations have begun between the two in an effort to both relax tensions and build a deterrent towards future conflict. 
  • Kyama: Maintains trade relations.

Agriculture & Industry

  • Pre-/Early-industrialization
  • Primarily agrarian economy

Trade & Transport

Trade between territories often involve basic goods like food and materials (vegetables, fish, lumber, stone, etc.).   For international trade, Calios exchanges raw materials like lumber to Troth for manufactured goods like glass.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Crowned Republic
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Major Exports
  • lumber
  • cotton
Major Imports
  • From Troth: manufactured goods like glass and machinery
  • From Kyama: silk, porcelain, copper, tea
Legislative Body
The House of Lords writes, debates, and votes on legislation for the whole of the kingdom.
Executive Body
The king is the chief executive and is responsible for policy regarding international and interterritorial disputes. More local and domestic enforcement of the law is handled by the lords in their respective territories.
Subsidiary Organizations

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