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Capital of the Ellerich Alliance.


Mirroring the broader Republic, Sonheim has a large Human majority with a minority of Elves. Half-Elves are fairly common given the interaction between the latter races.


The city is mainly protected by the high stone walls that line the perimeter of the capitol proper. The only entrances to the city are the guardhouses located to the north, south, and west along with the Delphic, Alfric, and Nordic river gates that regulate traffic via the rivers.


Sonheim is built around Loch Messner and its connected rivers. Bridges create walkways between the Loch's shores and over the rivers. The city expands outward from the Loch with paved roads and stone buildings until it reaches the city walls and the guard houses that mark its perimeter.


Upper Residential:   Lower Residential:   Guild Row:   Manufacturing:   Entertainment:   The Silver Palace:   Elven Quarter:


During the days of Calian rule, the Silver Palace (then a military fort known as Mesengard) served as the main meeting place of the northern nobility as they discussed and devised their secession from the kingdom. Once the secession came, the fortress became the central command for coordinating forces to repel attempts made by Calios to reclaim their domains.   Once Calios was forced to recognize the secession of their northern territory and Troth became its own republic, Mesengard officially shifted from being a military outpost to a political center as it remained the location for the new central government.   As the Loch became both the political and economic center of the republic, the handful of villages that dotted its shores began to grow and merge into what is today Sonheim.   Such growth did not come without its pains, though, as the increase in trade made smuggling operations a common occurrence. While there has been back and forth between law enforcement and smugglers for decades, the greatest blow to the illegal operations came during The Meridan War in the form of harsher crackdowns with the aim of preventing Calian agents from infiltrating the republic.


River Moon Festival : A weeklong festival in early June meant to mark the beginning of the trade season. Nearly every craftsman and merchant in and around the city hawks their wares while local businesses advertise and entertain to the masses.
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