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River Moon Festival

The annual spring festival held in Sonheim to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of the new trading season.


The festival takes place in the Guild Row section of the city where various merchants and artisans hawk their wares. Stand are also set up for food and drinks by local vendors along with advertisements for other businesses such as theatre performances.


Guildmasters, particularly those of the Merchant and Artificer's Guilds, play a major role in organizing the event in terms of who is to sell where as well as coordinate with city guards to manage carriages around the festival given the increased foot traffic.   Vendors, both local and visiting, provide the bulk of commerce. Interestingly, the festival has become a major event for the Kyamese community in and around the city as it provides a chance for craftsmen and other businesses to present themselves along side their Human counterparts.   Other locals have long since learned to get their own part of the business being done. Inn keepers and private houses renting out rooms. Taverns making sure to keep food and drink flowing. Private citizens even convert usable sheds and storehouses into temporary stables to earn a buck off travelers.


The festival is held for the first full week in June, lasting all seven days.
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