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Esmeralda Filorinte

Esmeralda Filorinte was the first Wheelmaster of Tiomera. The Tiomeran people would not exist if it were not for her leadership and guidance during the early years of the city. She was a strong but kind-hearted leader with impeccable survival instincts. Many stories and legends of her are still told by sailors and captains around the world to this day.

Early Life

Esmeralda was a wizard who had spent most of her life in the city of Kaepolis. Not much is known of her studies or personal history other than that she had a great aptitude for the arcane. She survived the destruction of the city through the cunning use of spells that allowed her to breathe underwater and stay alive in the chaos of the destruction. After being swept out to sea with the rest of the city, she used Transmutation magic to fuse floating debris together to make a raft. As she encountered more survivors, she continued using this magic to expand the raft and connect others to it, creating the raft city of Tiomera. Esmeralda's intellect and skills gathered her the respect of her fellow survivors.


Apart from the legends of her leadership, the records of the Chronica Ratis describe the major achievements of Esmeralda as well. The tome itself was created by her seven years after the destruction of Kaepolis, but those early years have been transcribed from public memory and knowledge. According to those pages she learned a few others a spell to create potable water from the salty ocean water, which was instrumental in the survival in the Shimmering Depths ocean. The pages also recount how Esmeralda fought off a gigantic sea serpent that attacked the rafts and how she later used its skin as leather to bind the Chronica Ratis in. Later in life she created the Greatwheel and its rudders to make it possible to navigate the city on the waves of the Shimmering Depths. It was as this point that she was given the title Wheelmaster. The Greatwheel was later encapsulated by the House of the Greatwheel as the city grew and required a more formal leadership. In the end of her days she spent much time transferring her knowledge onto the next generation. Her teachings and techniques for enchanting and transmutation are still used by the arcanists of Eauviron as a strong base to create new spells and enchantments.
First Wheelmaster
6144 AV 6219 AV 75 years old
Place of Death
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Founded Settlements


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