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Sarton I

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King Sarton Ikanis Rarmon, The First (a.k.a. Sarton The Great)

Sarton I was the third king of the Kingdom of Valonia. During his reign, his great economic reformation helped avoiding the influence of the Empire of Kritus, the place his people once belonged. According to historians, it was the turning point from Krin immigrants to their own distinct culture.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in 347 BVE, Sarton was the eldest son of king Rondius, and the grandson of Val, the first king. He was considered the third generations of Valonians if anyone could categorize. At the time the city of Valone was still an infant, with so many systems and infrastructures to be upgraded.

It was not a long period of time since The Great Banishment, as his father said, but the empire wasn't minded at all. Instead, they saw the Valonians as same as themselves. Just years before his birth, his father somehow took loans from them to improve the city with the only condition - pay within 30 years or they would take over the kingdom. While doing so, the empire kept infiltrating the city from time to time.

As such, once he ascanded the throne in 325 BVE at the age of 22, these issues obviously be put in the highest priorities, the ultimate challenge that the young Sarton had to face and overcome.

Accomplishments & Achievements

During his reign his duties relied on not only to pay the empire's debts, but also getting rid of Krin related cultural aspects, such as:

  • Slavery: He prohibited the system entirely and slowly but surely, replaced it with the waging system. This helped reducing Krin's authority while attracting more ex-slaves migrating into the city, gaining more people to build the city. As wage was everything, it led him to invest in...
  • The Currency: Using newfound knowledges and great craftsmanship, he invented a cutting-edge medium of exchange within the Valonian society. The precise progress and the material choices created an enormous value that not only became highly preferred by Valonians but also the outsiders. Within only his lifetime the currency managed to replace the Krin's almost entirely. But that didn't satisfiled him when he used this power to distribute them on...
  • Valonus Bridge: One of the decision he made in order to gain an amount of wealth was getting a waterway toll by building bridges, but that required a gigantic amount of stone bricks. He chose to quarry the other side of the Dirwen River. Although the initial progress was difficult and tedious, it had created thousand of jobs along the way. By the time the bridge was finished in 319 BVE, he had already began constructing the city wall which then finished in 305 BVE, faster than the Royal Estate had estimated by years thanks to the bridge.

With all the efforts, Sarton successfully repaid all the debt one year before the due date, in which a rumor spawned that the emperor was "aggressively upset". Still, they kept the promise, and the city was safe.

Later Life & Death

Sarton was then began planning the mega infrastructures in response of the now bustling trading port. This time, Valone didn't need help from the empire anymore, as if he de-facto gained an independence. He also planned to build the sewer system and cisterns underneath Valone, which required overhauling the city planning.

It was until in the mid 298 BVE, Sarton was found dead on his bed - backstabbed. He was murdered by the Adviser of Defense. Their reason was complicated, but what followed was the political reformation made by his successor, Ikanos, in which not only took Kritus away further but also pushed Valonian into a completely new direction, which still in effect to these days, even though he would not live there to see it himself.

He was 49 years old.


Sarton I


Towards Lovan Indus

Lovan Indus


Towards Sarton I

325 - 298 BVE
Date of Birth
6th of November, 347 BVE
Date of Death
7th of February, 298 BVE
347 BVE 298 BVE 49 years old
Circumstances of Death
Assassinated by Stabbing
Place of Death
House of Wisdom , Valone
Lovan Indus (spouse)
Aligned Organization


Many things he left behind was considered the turning point for the Valonians, changing from the small messy town for several thousands into the sustainable influrentical city-state that could support millions. The Valonus Bridge became the greatest factor that boost the economy of the Valonians. Along with other city bridges that built after, the tolls they collected add up to one-third of the Valonia's income, also known as The Waterway Policy. Without a doubt, he's considered as The Great

His quarry, then renamed after him, had become one of the most valuable workplaces in Valone, supplying marble for industrial uses as well as one of the largest exports. Speaking of marble, the gigantic statue of him has been installed at the eastern side of the Tower of Eternal Light in honer of his legacy.

As centuries has passed, Sarton has been identified as popular name for values and wiseful. There were five king who take his name for such reason (II, III, IV, V). There are also those who cemented him as a deity of craftsmen, equivalent to Omendeus from the traditional pantheon, which you can worship at his tomb located beside the city's northern wall. The official name, or the common name of the largest unit in Valonian coinage is still and will always be, Sart


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