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The City at the River's End

The walled city of Valone is the largest city and the capital of Valonia Empire. It is located at the mouth of Dirwen River.

Valone City
The overall road map of the city. (maybe change later)

Outside the city, a giant road network connects the entire empire altogether, spreading their wisdom upon the foreign land much easier.


Valone is housing all government institutes such as the Institute of Knowledge of the Royal Research Academy, the Rondius Fort of the Royal Military Institute, and the father of all, the House of Wisdom, where the senate is operating.

Unlike ordinary senate, the Valonia Senate is considered the advisonal council for the emperor; the most powerful person ever alive who live inside the Grand Palace of Valone.


Beside Gunner Legion, Valone has its own police called Royal Enforcement. They're to enforce the law and keep the peace to every citizens.

The outsiders can only access through docks and gates of the great wall of Sarton built around the city, which is protected by the enforcers observing all day and night.


The capital always got fresh water from the river, while waste goes through the sewer beneath the road flowing down to the outlet somewhere.

Industry & Trade

Valone is one of the busiest trading hubs in the world. Since it's established on a significant river, many ships have to pass through Valone first. As such, the government collects the tolls in order to let ships access the mainland.

Locally, Valone is well-known from their stoneworking. The quarry provide them a high-quality material for construction such as marble and granite.


The city is mainly divided by the Wall of Sarton. While people live inside the wall, the surrounding area is covered by fields, providing foods for the population.

Guilds and Factions

Despite the lack of irons, the city develop the good work of metalworking. By a company called Ferrum Faber, they can do a mass-produce orders by separating its component, assigning tasks to their client and later assembling. Most of military equipment come from them.


A dark orange-red tile roof and white wall is the basic aesthetic of Valone's building. One of the most popular types of housing is Brick Tenement the 2-4 storeys high made of clays and woods that can be found commonly around the city.

Essential buildings such as royal institutes or harbor are made of harder materials like granite or marble. Granite is used for the main structure while marble is rather used for decoration, especially statues, pillars, and floors.

Although most of institutional building are well-decorated and exquisitely built, the most significant structure is actually The Tower of Eternal Light, a tall inland lighthouse that the light never stopped shining. It is also the tallest structure in the world, so high that you can see an overall view of the entire city from the top, in the mix of orange-red roofs and white walls.

Furthermore, the tower also contains statesman's statues to learn their legacies, with 4 of them attached to each side of the tower.


The city was found by the group of Krins emigrating from the Empire of Kritus. It's led by Val who declared himself as the first king.

In 320 BVE, in the reign of Sarton I, the Great Wall of Sarton had been built, supplying by the nearby giant quarry at the other side of the river.

From 210 to 30 BVE, Valone was considered to be one of the wealthiest cities in the continent; The city grew skyrocketed, no wars involved, and many merchants like to travel here to build up their fortune. the Tower of Eternal Light was built during this period.

Unfortunately, nothing lasted forever. As a result of Valonia losing the war against the Kritus, it became severely sacked. Many buildings burned down, crumbled, or demolished to built their own monument from those ruin.

Luckily, after its independence the city was rebuilt to be as beautiful as before, and still become the empire's capital till these days.

the tower
by Adcheryl


The city was found on the grass plain between the ocean, the river, and the mountain. The landscape is so magnificent that if you look straight to the horizon, you can see a wide blue sky in the day, and a beautiful star in the night.

There are many place to visit in which most of them survived the sack such as Quarryman's Pub, the Rondius Intertemis, and of course—The Tower.

Natural Resources

The city used to have a large amount of horses before being entirely wiped out due to war. Now they are very, very naturally rare in this region.

Founding Date
400 BVE
Alternative Name(s)
The City at the River's End
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Wall of Constantinople by Zlatko Tesic
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