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The Sacked

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The Sacked was the rebellion that fought against the Empire of Kritus to liberate the Kingdom of Valonia. There were formed twice by the different groups of Valonians wanting to be freed for its rule which led to the uprising between 29 - 26 BVE and 15 - 0 BVE. These rebellious attempts led to the ultimate rise of the Valonia Empire.

Furthermore, the rebellion was considered to be the first group to own firearms, which helped them not only able to defeat the large empire with much smaller numbers, but also showed their military progression across the South Estisia.

Public Agenda

Although both of the Sacked had the different origins and goals, both stood on the same idea: To free themselves from the empire.



Prior to 32 BVE, the territory of the Empire of Kritus had slowly decreased due to internal conflict. They fought to reclaim those losses, but less land, less wealth to wage wars. Meanwhile, the economy of the rival, Kingdom of Valonia, had grown skyrocketed without any war involvement. Smaller but wealthy as the empire at its golden age centuries ago.

Furthermore, according to historical documents, Valonian was descented from a group of talents the empire denied and banished them centuries ago. Emperor Kolonus always ignored the fact like his predecessors, though as situation was getting worse, it became such a shame of themselves. So, he started attacking.

Luckily, the kingdom's diplomacy was too great, its military became obsolete unlike the empire which was consistantly developed. As such, the War of the Old Lord was ended so quickly. Along with his brother Dominus, they also annihilated the entire monarch family. At the end, Dominus, having received the authority over the kingdom, started sacking around.

In those sacked cities, many survivors were either fled, enslaved or defected to the empire to avoid being slaves. However, some of them did the opposite.

The First Sacked

It all started when the people of Auqapus rose in revolt in 29 BVE. They stormed into the fort and gathering arms to form an army.


Leading by Angus Iris, their goal was to get rid of the empire and form the republic. They moved toward the northwest region to liberate towns and ports, gaining more support and recruits. With 20,000 menpower in total, the army quickly marched toward Valone. Since they acquired Kritus' equipment, if they succeeded captured the city they would be able to defend the empire as long as possible.

However, they underestimated the city's fortification, besieging was impossible at such numbers. To shorten their time, they decided to sent few men to infiltrate and opened the gate for them. Unfortunately, the plan turned out to be a disaster.

Siege continued without any progress for almost 6 months until Kritus stepped in. Herding by outnumbered and professional armies, the last rebel force was dissolved in 26 BVE.

As a result, many of them decided to fled to nearby neighbors such as Anriv and Vinor, but the rest were captured and either killed, enslaved or executed; One of them was Angus himself. He was crucified at the center of Valone to death without unknoting, to warn anyone not to mess with the empire.

The Second Sacked

Like the fairy tale inspired the young, the Kritus' peace didn't last long as expected when The Sacked was formed once again. Unlike previous one, this time it was formed inside Valone itself, working slowly trying not to be noticed. It had Valus Rarmon as the leader, the noble who supposed to die alongside his royal familiy. In other word, the legitimate heir of the kingdom was still alive.

With the help of the surviving members, They plotted to assassinate Dominus.

Quest for the stone

At one night of the palace's espionage, the Sacked found a clue of Catastropium, a powerful artifact referring to the myth, that it gave any individuals the power of destruction. Valus hoped this thing could gave morale and physical benefits to his rebellion.

The morale became obsession, so much he dedicated a group to search for it before the mission began, taking about a month or so.

However, when he got the actual artefact, not only he disappointed as it gave him no strengh at all, he decided to hide it for everyone already demoralized after the mission failure. Instead he gave it to his non-rebel friend, Parlov Indus, to weaponize it. This decision let the rebel to dismiss temporary.

A few years later passed, Valus gathered the group for the first time, preseting of what Parlov and his team came up with: Guns, Cannons, and Bombs.

As such, the rebel finally got in action.

Rarmon's Revolution

All was started in 15 BVE, with surprise bombs around the city square, following by them defending police troops sent by Dominus. As giadius could not defect all bullets or balls, troops died faster than their reinforcement, and thus starting to lose their willingness to fight as they realized how many catualties they dealt.

The revolution lasted for 5 days before the rebel finally stormed into the Grand Palace and Rondius Fort, liberated the city. Dominus was got caught, killed and cut his head to sent to Kolonus as a declaration of independence. In response, he sent half of more professional army to stop them.

The siege didn't ended well for the empire, but the massive success to the kingdom. It inspired them to not only fighting for independence, but an oppotunity to stop the empire's influence upon themselve as well.

War of the Sacked

Following by the siege was a series of battles to capitulate Knirk and stopped the empire completely. The war ended when the rebel finally entered Knirk, and captured Kolonus as a prisoner with unknown fate.

To mark the victory and the new era, Valus ordered all his troops to give him a remaining powder, to mix together and created what would become the new light source of Valone's lighthouse after it's extinguished for decades. His armies went back to the capital, being cheered by everyone for the savior of the Valonia.


Although Valus established himself as the emperor of both nations, some part of the land still against him, which mean the name of rebellion's army were still in use to make sure Kritus had no more resistance.

During his reign however, many participates were mysteriously gone, especially on whoever related to the rebel's secret farm. Only severals were living at the end of his reign in 25 VE.

Restore the Wisdom

Horsepower Genocide

The War of 32 BvE also came with a crazy stretegy, when Dominus had an idea to cut down Valonia's reinforcement, by slaughter all horses in the western region.

The plan led to an extinction of many horse species on the continent, and also caused a long-term effect to the rebel to get them for cavalries.

Rebelious Military

The Second Sacked had developed the units which later implement into the official army known as the Gunner Legion. Supplied by tons of catastropium powder and cutting-edge equiptments they produced, Gunner Legions could able to easily penetrate and dissolve the enemy's outnumbered forces within hours of combat.

The problem they had was the ammunition. Not only the production that only a few knew where, some troops at the field had to go back to Valone to get the supply. It was a slow progress at first due to lack of horses in the area until the late campaign.

The logistic problem had been solved with the invention of Catas Mobile.

Articles under The Sacked

The First Sacked

30 BVE 26 BVE

  • 30 BVE

    10 /3

    When the Light Stopped Shining

    The light of Valone has gone away when Kritus' army storm into the capital after months-long siege. Senate was dissolved, and the monarch was abolished.

  • 29 BVE

    12 /4

    Legally Sacked
    Political event

    To wage the empire's war of reconquest, Dominus decided to enact the law of brutal taxation and anything to humiliate Valonians as much as possible. This action leads the rebellion to be assembled.

  • 29 BVE

    20 /5

    Auqapus Uprising
    Criminal Activity

    The first ever revolt since Kritus' occupation has erupted. Leading by Angus Iris, the enslaved general. His goal is to take control Valone so he can become the new king of Valonia, since the original monarch were completely eliminated.

  • 27 BVE

    21 /10
    26 BVE

    17 /4

    Second Siege of Valone
    Military: Battle

    Valone has very organized infrastructure and strong fortification. If the rebel can capture this, they could defend themselves and get even more supplies and troops, which should be able to weaken the Kritus and finally have a chance to sign a peace treaty.

    Unfortunately, they failed.

  • 26 BVE

    17 /4

    First Wave Dissolved
    Criminal Activity

    The first wave is over. Angus finally come into Valone - cruxified, hanging on the cross in the middle of Val Forum. Unknotting him is illegal.

The Second Sacked

20 BVE

War of the Sacked

15 BVE 1 VE

  • 15 BVE

    25 /6
    15 BVE

    30 /6

    The Uprise of Purple Blast

    The Sacked by Adcheryl

    The rebellion again attempts major uprising, this time however, it come with a BANG. Five-days revolt to storm the grand palace and Rondius Fort ended with trimpth, making the city back to their hands eventually.

    The leader this time is Valus Rarmon, the lost heir, making the event to be also known as Rarmon's Revolution.

  • 15 BVE

    10 /7
    15 BVE

    20 /8

    Third Siege of Valone
    Military action

    The rebellion had to prepare defenses for upcoming armies of Kritus; Cannons installed, legions being trained, and more crystal they produced was brought up from an underground farm. Although the revolution was done successfully, they still entirely not sure if those new inventions can be able to defeat more bigger armies.

    By the end however, they managed to not only force attackers to retreat, but also causes heavy catualties like both sides have never seen; More than half of attackers died within a month.

    The siege inspired them to consider not only to fight for independence, but an oppotunity to stop the empire's influence upon themselve as well.

    Additional timelines
  • 4 BVE

    16 /12
    3 BVE

    20 /4

    Battle of Lake Gios
    Military: Battle

    One of the biggest skirmish is to acquire Lake Gios, where the capital is being fed. As it is important to the empire, the garrisons in this area is more particular than usual. The rebels want to capture the fort in order to control the dam, so they can shortage Knirk's water supply.

    However, the battle cause the dam to breach, letting the massive flood devastate most of the land including Gigia.

  • 1 BVE

    11 /9
    1 BVE

    4 /11

    Siege of Knirk
    Military: Battle

    Between the mighty army Valonian and weakened Krin. The ultimate showdown occusr here, in Knirk.

  • 1 VE

    4 /1

    New Empire Established
    Political event

    The light has been reignited, when two nations united.



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