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South Estisia

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South Estisia is the southern subcontinent of Estisia where the main story took place.

South Estisia


The subcontinent is blocked by The Grand Range; The tall, wide, impassable mountain range which isolated people and cultures apart from the other part of the continent.

Down to the mountainside is the massive jungle where most part still left unexplored, and possibly impassable due to its density. It lies Lumus—the holy city of Luumism religion.

Further down is Lake Gios; a single large body of water storing at high attitude. It's even larger when the dam was built.

Last but not least, a group of islands known as Ronminar Isles, are one of the most abundant places on earth, which contain various type of plants and animals, enough to feed inhabitants isolated without the need of importing. Some evidence said that it might be the place where agriculture - in this region - was ever invented.

The subcontinent is also surrounded by Desparia Ocean in the west, and Rectjaw Ocean in the east.

Fauna & Flora

Horses are very common on nature around the peninsular, and were used to be on the west especially though now they can be found only on the east.

Major Nations

The largest of all mainlanders, covering most of the west and the central region. It also the most innovative as well.

The southern nation surrounded by long, tall mountains. The only way to trade on land is through the Wall of Irgian.

Consisting of five former states, Maritime kingdom became the only dominator of the Ronminar.

Minor Nations

The Irgia's client state. Don't like the Garol.

The Irgia's client state. Don't like the Erkin.

Taestic Republic

If Valonia is known as the west gate, Taestic should be the east.


The gate to the jungle and the free state of timber production.

Former Nations

Usually referred to any nations that lost their sovereign.

Once the greatest, strongest empire for a thousand years. Internal and external conflict let the empire to collapse and freed Ohun, Durin, and Taestic, while the last of them was annexed by the Valonian.

The kingdom being well known from smithing experts and iron traditions. Now it's the subject to the Valonia Empire


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