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Gate Lowland

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The Gate Lowland is a large lower area between two mountain range on the southern part of the South Estisia, enclosed by a the great wall which give its name. Fertiled by plenty of rivers and temperate climate, it came with the many of civilizations such as Irgia Republic, Erkin, and Garol.


The region is surrounded by two mountain ranges with an only a wide gap that anything can pass safely, in which a long defensive wall was built, separating the middle and southern region apart. Once enter is a dirt road passing south through a large flat plain, several hills, and groups of forest, providing a spectecular landscape.

The western river Sarrim and the eastern river Erlim flow down and moisterize these flat plains, before joining together at a large, shallow bay. That bay is regarded holding much strategic value, and thus home to the republic's capital, Irgian, where the road ends.

Natural Resources

The land is a primary sources of wheats, olives, and grapes. Although the latter are originated from the southern isle, the grapes can grow pretty well in many part of the region. With the crazy wine addictions, this is no doubt why the second most farms following wheat fields are vineyards and wineries.

As a essential industry, these plains produce much enough wine to be considered as a common drink throughout the republic, as well as a luxury.

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The Wall Between Heights

The long defensive wall between gap is made of granites and compacted dirts. As both heights are high it's the only way for any traders and troops to pass through. Finished constructing in 575 BVE, it can block any invasion from the midland, with buffer states taking responsible.

The only time in history that the wall was breached, it took 4 years straight to crumble down.

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