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Compass Lake

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Day 14

Our jungle expert has led us to this lake and decide to rest here. It has a rough sands but the landscape is spectecular. The water is so clear I can see the bottom of the bank though it slowly disappear into a dark blue below. It seem to be deeper that I thought, and I kind of wonder where it lead to...

— Excerpt from the Legna Gilmis's Journal


The Compass Lake is a very circular lake that it can be a perfectly a circle on a map as its name. Every distance from one spot to the otherside passing the center point is approximately the same. Although no mapping technique is advanced enough to measure an actual lake size, by looking at any spot toward the center on the bank and still getting the same landscape is enough to tell that this lake is technically symmetrical.


Despite the rainy climate, there is no river flow into or out of this lake, as the nearest rivers are several kilometers away. The formation is unknown, but overall it has a very clean water.


If you take a dive near the middle of the lake, several ruins can be seen. Most are unrecognizable, but only if you look closely under a sediments you can see the reminiscent of houses. Mysteriously, all the debris scattered there was displaced toward the deepest point, where no debris presented as if the place was heavily blown up. However, being deeply submerged for thousands years no one could tell who lived there and how it be destroyed.


The lake is Durni's most well-known unknown location - only the best jungle expert can lead themselves to this place. Surrounding by nature, the lake is not quite a popular place for permanent settlement though as there are not much fishes as well as edible plants nearby, so they mostly go for a checkpoint.

Those who travelled to the holy city of Lumus can easily recognize the Compass Lake, even though it is only a small feature in such a vast, wide wood.

Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera
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The Blast of the Lake
Myth | Nov 28, 2022


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