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Empire of Kritus

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Empire of Kritus was an independent state in South Estisia. It was known for the vast territory consisting of the entire east coast.



The empire was ruled by the emperor, who determined the fate of the people and production. Even so, he still had to listen to the Council of Kriton, the emperor's counsels, to made the decision.

Administrative Divisions

Kritus was divided into 4 major regions, consisting of 20 provinces and 1 non-state territory. Each of them has its own capital city and industrial focus.

Region Largest City Focus Note
Kriton Knirk Farming The empire's capital.
Durin Duris Forestry The region were connected to the northern jungle. which they claimed the ownership, providing plenty of wild foods and woods.
Ohuna Ohugas Mining, Metallworking The hands of the empire. About seventy percents of military equipments came from here.
Traetis Trart Trading, Fishing The eastern gate of the continents, simillar to Valonia.


The empire was formed at the river's triangle in 1247 BVE. With their war-tradition, they extended themselves for centuries. State by state, they grew to its greatest in 543 BVE.

At its greatest, the empire controlled the entire east coast of South Estisia and most of the center. They even had an ongoing campaign on the southern region to expand influence on its local power, Irgia Republic.

However, since 203 BVE, the empire began to lose territory due to internal unrest, loosed government and environmental anomalies.

The empire was coming to an end after an unexpected, decisively victory of the Valonia. The treaty was ratifiled on 14 April, 0 BVE, marking the end of the empire, and the beginning of the new one..


After they lost the war to the kingdom, the emperor Kolonus had been forced to abdicate, giving all the power to the kingdom.


The territory of the empire had come to its greatest in 543 BVE. From the northeast of Grand Range to the big Gate Valley and the East Coast of South Estisia.

However, as Kritus pregressed, the empire rapidly fell apart. The actual cause was unknown but mamy historians agreed that it's started after the end of the Ohuna Unrising, led to the seperation of the region, started in 200 BVE to 30 BVE.

The occupation of the Kingdom of Valonia would be the final straw of their expension, before losing again until the end of the empire.

543 - 203 BVE
42 BVE

Foreign Relations

The empire had rivalry attitute toward Kingdom of Valonia. The government tries to claim and manipulate them for centuries by many ways from political infiltration to economic embargo, since they believed that Valonian was descended form them due to cultural similarity. At one point in history they fought against each other back-to-back to show who was more superior. The result was the teach and propaganda and people's hatred, which lasted longer than the war itself.


In the late empire, they moved toward to fight former province states reclaiming them instead.


Just like any big civilization, every cities is connected by paved roads, all lead to Knrik.

For the People of Kritus

by Adcheryl
The Empire at its greatest (543 BVE), non-state territory shown in a striped pattern.

1247 BVE - 0 BVE

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Eastern Empire, The Old Lord
Successor Organization
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Kritus Coin: a single-side cased silver or gold.
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
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