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Duris is the largest town and the capital of Durin. Settled beside the Jungle of the Myst, it is the nearest checkpoint between the calm midland and the harsh unknowingly landscape. The town also sells goods found in there which many considered exotic and expensive.


The town used to be the Durni village beside the Durn river. By foraging and hunting in the jungle alone, the town could support its growth without any agriculture. The origin of the inhabitants was unknown; They are either immigrants from the midland or just natives in the first place.

Things changed when the Empire of Kritus invaded and almost wiped out. Duris surrendered with most of them being enslaved. Krin's visit turned the town into a popular attraction as well as the main wood industry which people neither liked nor disliked. This is until its independence less than two centuries ago that they started to embrace it. During that time a road was built connecting the town to Knirk, letting more people come.

Nowsday the town became its capital of State of Durin, where the people and its culture spread beyond the jungle thanks to such road.


Most Duris buildings are made of jungle woods including ports and defensive walls. Lots of posts and balconies, all coated with fireproof lacquer also found only in the wood. There are also some structures built during the Krin era over the town expansion, usually made of marbles and granites.

Industry & Trade

Wood is one of their main export. they sell it as raw material or furniture with a unique aesthetic. According to today's landscape, prior to the imperial era, Duris used to actually be beside the border of the jungle, but an excessive export of woods caused its border to move further away, letting the town surrounded by nothing but an empty land which has now get something to grow on.

Natural Resources

Although they already grow their own foods, foraging and hunting is still wide options. There are some plants that cannot cultivate outside the jungle and many are highly demanded. Wild animals are believed to provide special buffs and so they take it as ceremonial meals.


Plenty type of tourists, usually hunters, merchants, and pilgrims, can come and rest here as it is the safest place before entering the big expanse. Their people welcome them with great hospitality.

The town is known as an outpost to the sacred city Lumus, the birthplace of Luumism. Pilgrims cannot go through the river that will lead to nowhere unless they hire Durnis to navigate throughout the jungle, and it is always available at Duris.

Exotic goods

  • Earth Jaguar's teeth and fangs
  • Strange variants of common plants such as Peppers
  • South Estisia
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