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Maximus Intertemis

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Maximum Arena, Maximum Fun

I've never seen such gigantic place in such a long time. It's too costly to make this nowsday. I don't know if it's okay to build when we still have the problem with the eco-

Forget it, I don't wanna miss my favorite racer!
— The middle-age scholar

Maximus Intertemis is the Valonian hippodrome, a large open-air entermainment venue. It is capable of holding national events as well as large field sports, particularly the chariot racing. The stadium is located in Financial District of Valone, just by the Valonus Bridge.

Built in 3 VE, it is the new national hippodrome since the original one, Rondius Intertemis, built two centuries prior, was heavily demolished during the Age of Old Lord (30 - 15 BVE) which then forced to stop and renovate into the amphitheater. However, It still catch your eyes and fill you mind with awe and wonder, symbolize the biggest truth about themselves - they're always rising.


It's three stories height and 600 meters long, standing on a dedicated, gigantic lot paved in granite tiles with decorations of trees and the imperial flags. It was built to be as close as the original hippodrome. The structure was built out of marbles, granites, and concretes. The finer details like posts and arches are full of deities sculptures, engravings about the Valonian legacies, and without a doubt - a large amount of golds, which is so much it could reflect light out and make the stadium slightly glow.

Unlike the former hippodrome, the emperor attending this vanue must travel from the Grand Palace passing through the long and crowding road, which can cause risk upon themselves. As such, ordering Valegions to clear out the path beforehead is required.

Founding Date
3 VE
Racing track / Hippodrome
Parent Location
Valone City

The capital city of Valonian since the age of Kingdom and the Empire. It's found by the group of thousand banished Krins. For the next few hundred years, with dedication and patience, it grows up to become one of the largest city on Earth.

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