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Royal Research Academy

The royal research academy (R.R.A.) is the technological research institute in the name of Valonia, where the talents come around.
The main purposes are developing new technology and educate people. It also have the high quality workshop and residents for members.


It's run by Indus family for centuries. They always have fixed position in R.R.A.
However, the true power of the institute is always the king.  

Research and Development

The professor can access to workshop(or laboratory) for free. Sometime they get contract form the senate to develop whatever they want. They're operating for both indoor(workshop) and outdoor(field), especially the military stuffs which they can access to military site for testing.  


the member will get access to free workshop and house.
Head of Organization
There're 2 organizer, the administrator and supervisor.
  • The Administrator (or Director) is the long-term leader who is mainly organize and manage everything.
  • The Supervisor is the same person as adviser form the senate. Their work are both managing and announcing news form the king, while they can be studied by the admin.


The Professor

  Most of the professor are

  • Carpentry
  • Alchemist
  • Blacksmith
  • Stone worker

Their main duties are usually teaching.

  Civilian can join the institute too, if it's available and they have one of following conditions
  • have notable work which creator clearly known.
  • have skills, those people will be selected by testing.


Education System

The institute always want to share knowledge, Especially children. They will learn basic subjects like math, kingdom loyalty, crafting, exercise and alphabet. As they grown up, they will learn complex subjects which divided to general and selective. General : everyone must study
  • physical training
  • philosophy
  • physic
  • horse riding
  • woodwork and carpentry
Selective: whatever they want
  • stonework and masonry
  • blacksmith
  • poetry
  • drama
After graduation, the institute will give them choices to work here or live of their own.

Public Agenda

To preserve the wisdom, and find the new way of life for people.


Workshop, library and school. There're also vaults, testing field and material containers.


It was operated as school at Indus's house, before moving out to standalone complex.

Knowledge is the foundation of everything.

Founding Date
~395 BVE
Educational, School/Academy
Alternative Names
Valonian's institute of research
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
Manufactured Items
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