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Rondius Fort

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Institute of Strengh

Rondius Fort is the military headquarter where Royal Military Institute is operated, consisting of a group of buildings protected by the defensive wall. It's placed next to the Wall of Sarton, the city's main defense, and near the grand palace for the emperor of Valonia easily to come and order his command.

Purpose / Function

Rondius Fort is operating for both military commanding and army training. There are 4,000 legionaries stationing here every year.


It's built in 351 BVE during the reign of Rondius I and finisihed in the reign of the Sarton I in 330 BVE. Like the palace, more building is constructed overtime inside the proper area the senate planned.

Surrounded by the granite wall, the complex consists of multipurpose structures, which the notable are as followed:

  • The Inner fort - the fort's commanding center. It has arsenal of guns and fuels ready to be used.
  • House of Legion - the meeting house for the emperor, adviser of military, and group of appointed Catasturion. Any military order is delegated here.

Other sturcture such as large barracks for based legions, having a capacity of 5,000 to 7,000 men, including large training field.


In 15 BVE, the institute is being attacked by the rebels known as The Sackedgetting damaged very costly since 30 BVE.

Founding Date
351 BVE
Military base / complex
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

There's a secret passage connected between the palace and the institute. It can be enter only on one of its building, in which only a few know especially the emperor.


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