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Grand Palace of Valone

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The leader and the family's living here, the complex of building inside fortified wall, at the heart of the Valone.

Purpose / Function

This place is the official residence of Rarmon dynasty, the only ruling family of the country. It's also has library, monument, courtyard, graveyard, meeting hall and private vault. Even the main palace was finished, they still have more land to use for future generation.


There're many places built during it's existence such as Tower of Valone , which built in 171 BVE at the east side of palace to show superior of the kingdom.


Most of the building including walls, are made of bricks and fined quarried stones like granite and marble, with Roman architecture.


At first, this place was just a single house at the center of grass plain. they slowly expend bit by bit.
~399 BVE
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