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The Quarry of Sarton

The great valuable resource of precision stone bricks, the essential factor of the kingdom's power. It has operated since its foundation, a lot of iconic landmarks such as statues, towers and fortresses, used those materials from here.     The quarry provide local material such as Marble, Granite and Limestone.

Purpose / Function

The strong building require strong material. This is when this place is doing for. the quarry excavate the hill, and cut into many size of bricks which have high quality and values.


When they're digging deeper, conveyors and production house was added nearby, logistically increasing productivity.   As the increment of stone working, the more job to come, they expand working site and more recruiting to fill the gap of the supply, resulting in the new labor city, with strong bridge connected between them.  


It's found as a worker camp in reign of the King Sarton, they named it after him.  
Related Professions
Owning Organization

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