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Quarryman's Pub

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There are plenty of pubs available in Valone, but no one have never heard of the Quarryman's Pub. Located between the Maximus Intertemis and the Valonus Bridge, this family-owned pub becomes so popular in most citizens especially commoners like those quarrymans working at the other side of the Dirwen River, whose name came from.

It is famous for serving delicious types of bread and pastries made with old family recipes.


Some dishes are rarely available due to the seasonal only, the lack of ingredients, or a chef getting moody somehow that day. Nevertheless, all are being served on earthenware.

RaritySide DishesPrice*
-Millet Flatbread20
-Millet Bread40
RareWheat Bread80
RarityMain DishesPrice
-Millet Beer50
-Freshwater Bass100
RareBeef Steak200
Millet FestivalFish In Flatbread320

* 1 Kolun (or 0.003125 Sart) per unit


The pub is 2-storey tall tenement. The pub covered the entire first floor. It has a bar, a brewing room, and a kitchen. The kitchen has a open stove with a chimney extend outside the building. It also has a basement, usually for storing ingredients since it provides a constant temperature all-year long, making them last longer.

The family live on the second floor, which is the newest thing being added onto the century old structure.


Quarryman's Pub was formed by the unknown baker who was believed to be the ex-slave, possibly immigrated from Kritus. Having experience baking various types of pastries for the aristocrat, he opened the bakery under the tenement in the city's downtown. The people around there loved the taste of his creations so much he could afford the entire building. And so became the city's popular gathering spot and his family business.

However, the century scent of cuisine had turned into the smell of ashes when all the interior was burnt down by the force of the Krin army in the Sack of Valone in 30 BVE. Luckily though his desendent and that same structure, survived the incident.

Although they're shortly back to business, they were seeking a revenge. The family agreed to let Valus and his rebellion to organize, using the pub's basement as their hideout in the late 20 BVE. During that time the members would get a discount to increase their morale.

Founding Date
~100 BVE
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Valone City

The capital city of Valonian since the age of Kingdom and the Empire. It's found by the group of thousand banished Krins. For the next few hundred years, with dedication and patience, it grows up to become one of the largest city on Earth.


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