Quarryman's Pub

There are plenty of pubs available in Valone, but no one have never heard of the Quarryman's Pub. Located between city square and the Rondius Intertemis, the family-owned pub is popular in most people, especially commoners like those quarrymans working at the other side of the Dirwen River whose name came from.

It's famous from serving delicious breads and pastrys made with old familiy recipe.


Some dishes are rarely served due to seasonal only, the lack of ingrediants, or chef getting moody for whatever reason. Nevertheless, all being served on earthenware.

RaritySide DishesPrice*
-Millet Flatbread20
-Millet Bread40
RareWheat Bread80
RarityMain DishesPrice
-Millet Beer50
-Freshwater Bass100
RareBeef Steak200
Millet FestivalFish In Flatbread320

* 1 Kolun (or 0.003125 Sart) per unit


The pub is 2-storey tall tenement. It has a bar, a kitchen, and a brewing room. The owner's family lives on above floor.

It also has a basement, usually for storing foods since it give a constant temperature all-year long, making them last longer.


Quarryman's Pub was formed by the good baker who was believed to be the ex-slave, possibly immigrated from Kritus. He opened the bakery in the building he rented. The people around there loved the taste of his creations, and so still are ever since.

However, the century scent of cuisine had turned into a smell of ash when all interior was burnt in 30 BVE. Luckily the desendent of the owner survived the incident.

Saw it as a revenge, they agreed to let rebellion organized here using the pub's basement as their hideout in the late 20 BVE.

Founding Date
~100 BVE
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Valone City
The overall road map of the city. (maybe change later)


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