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Sart is the official currency system used by the Valonia Empire, whose unordinary design influences nearby countries within the South Estisia.


by Adcheryl

Most coin at the time are rough and lumpy, but Sart is the opposite; flat and clean. Depending various types, each coin features either the portrait of current/famous monarch, or the Valonian's greatest monument—the Lighthouse of Valonus, minted on each side, or both. the coin name also be shown.

The material using in coinage changes over time, showing their economic strength. The very first Sart coins were only made of bronze. In the golden age however, it's made of gold and silver combined, increasing its value and able to mint them more precisely.


In the early day of the kingdom, when they were too small to become self-sufficient, they temporally used a Kritus' currency, usually coming from Krin merchants. The time had passed and the kingdom grew, but they still used the same design, which was an only connection to the Kritus to made themselves apart.

Since both of them were ethnical adversary, the fear of being dominated erupted. Eventually, in the reign of King Sarton I, he issued new own currency named after him, Sart, making with a cutting-edge technology the empire refused to invent many decades ago; Metal sheet cutter.

Sart, only type produced at the time, quickly became popular currency around the kingdom until officially replaced the old one, stopped Kritus from influencing the country. Because of its significance that looked ahead of time, nearby countries such as Irgia Republic, Maritime Kingdom, and Kingdom of Ohun, began to mimic it.

Since then, Sart has been improved to fit their economy; More coins was introduced, material was changed, as well as the portrait which represent itself as the most valuable items.

Manufacturing process

Instead of casting metals into dies, they first cast it into a long sheet, as flat as possible, then cutting into a disk with the coin cutter, before heating and hammering with dies(for two sides) like usual.

For those types with two materials, they cut a hole on a disk, then put a smaller different disk before heating and hammering. This will glue them together before minting.

Overall, the result is very standardized than any coins can be.

Item type
Currency & Deeds
Owning Organization
3 - 5 cm in diameter

Name Value Material(s) Feature
Sart 2 Valin Gold+Silver Rondius V/T
Valin 4 Ron Gold Val/T
Ron 4 Pun Silver Sarton I/T
Pun 10 Kolun Bronze Sarton I/T
Kolun - Bronze Tower/T
Sarton I
Character | Feb 20, 2024
Sart, Valin, Ron, Pun, and Kolun

Cover image: by Adcheryl


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