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Rondius V

Emperor Rondius Rarmon, The Fiffth

Rondius Rarmon the Fifth is the current emperor of the Valonia Empire, the sucessor of Valus I and Novia Indus. Born in 2 VE, he is the first Valonian ruler to have been born during the empire era.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

After the iron shortage of 25 VE, he began searching for the new source, which turned out to be the Kingdom of Ohun, the neighbor state upnorth of Knirk, where he decided to invade and successfully conquered in 32 VE known as Iron Surplus Campaign. During the campaign, he moved to Knirk for easier operation.

In the Second Channel War, the Irgian needed an aids which the Rondius agree to help.


He enrolled to the Royal Research Academy to study in politic and military.

Personality Characteristics


He is strategy man rather than warrior. He's responsible for planning the military campaigns. The iron surplus was his first work, the involvement in second channel war is his best.



He inherited the emperor title after the death of his father, Valus, in 25 VE. As if his reign was going to be the quiet and peaceful, the first duties struck him hard. The stealing of the royal asset by sending Valegions to investigate, which normally didn't do that. It took few days to capture the thief, which involved in their strongest alliance, Irgia Republic. The response he received was cutting down the iron trade policy, one of the most benefited agreement on Irgian-Valone Pact. Although he solved the problem with the conquest in 23 VE, the relationship between the empire and Irgia Republic at the south wasn't going up from staled.

The latest and the largest one was when the assasination of his son Prunos during his marriage on the republic land. It was the turning point of his regime. He cut the pact completely and decided to invade the country.

Family Ties

He had pretty good friends within the Alliance of the Founders. He married the queen from Sabrius Family, the military royal family, having 3 children including Prunos.


Rondius V


Towards Marinda Sabrius

Marinda Sabrius


Towards Rondius V

25 VE - present
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
13th , 2 VE
Year of Birth
2 VE 48 Years old
Marinda Sabrius (spouse)
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Author's Notes

Original Created Date: 20 Apr, 2020
28/1/2024 - Post-WE edit: family relationship (Novia Indus), tags, and portrait added. Minor edit.
20/2/2024 - Lifespan initiated + Icon added

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He has a tragic reign, for real :( At least he can hold himself together and not go mad.