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Brick Tenement

How people's living in the city that have limited area? This is the solution.

Purpose / Function

It is the most common residential building in the crowded city such as Krink or Valone.   The first floor is commonly used for opening shops.   The inhabitant started living on the upper floor. The type of them on each floor is related to their wealth. The wealthy people usually live on the lower floor, which is furnished and got a private bath. As they can access the service such as water, food, much easier. On the other hand, the poor people live on the upper floor, which is smaller, darker, with no drainage and window.   However, not every case that the upper is the worst one. Some place might have access to water by rooftop well, or got to the beautiful city landscape outside, as one of them was described.


People can enter the habitat floor by using stairway at the side of building, on the first floor.

Special Properties

The building is connected with a city pipe system and sanitation. As technology doesn't advance enough to pumping water upward, the upper floor will be cheaper but less comfortable.   Some building might have shallow well on the roof to store water in the rainy season.


Building can be altered floor upward to increase room for more people. The owner can build additional service such as a bath or courtyard, along with higher rant.


The building is usually 2 or 3 story height. Some building can up to 5, depending on design or material they used, which clay brick is the most basic one.   The first floor is built openly with an arch, and the other with windows.  
Apartment building / Tenament

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Author's Notes

It's inspired by Roman insula, the ancient apartment.

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