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Daily Life of Valonian: Broody Man

I'm the quarryman at the other side of the city. I live inside an apartment near the center of the city, the floor below the roof.   The place isn't good and yet so comfortable, it even has a local public bath nearby where I usually go after work. Porridge is my daily meal as it's quick to prepare, with a slice of smoked meat, having 2 times a day.
I have to walk across the bridge, a folding bridge. Since the city is so crowded with people, for both water and land, sometimes I have to wait for an hour to let the ship passed.   My job is cutting, carrying, and measuring a stone block for any customer. No matter whenever you arrive, you have to make reaching the quota, the more products you made, the more wages to come. Sometimes I got cheated but I don't pretty much care, because I'm happy with my job. I'm not a slave as people through, I obey to myself and they gave me acceptable wage. If they were, they should be a prisoner of war, or someone who were sentenced to be like that.   In the evening, like I said earlier, bathing. Every time I arrived there, I can see somebody at front campaigning. They want to be the Adviser, the highest rank close to the king. The same group often do this at that time and yet still failed every election.
The city seems quiet at night. I can hear some noise occurs from far, far away, or maybe just beneath my cot.   The sky is moving, but there's the one that still and will always be there; The eternal star. It made me proud of how glory we are, and realize how far we've come to this point.  
Will the light stop shinning? No one knows.
The Broody Man, recorded by Zeth Nuros, 32 BVE


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