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Luumism is the religion originating in the small town of Lumus that spreads widely across the South Estisia.

Luumism based on the existence of two polar opposite deities: Luum and Limm. When Luum represents death, shadow, and destruction, Limm represents life, light, and creation. Both are intertwined, working together to form the balance of the universe.

You need to accept these opposite two within nature, matters, and even yourself, otherwise the chaos will happen.

No Luum without Limm! No Limm without Luum!
— The Luumist's Coda


It was started out as a myth. He ascended from the sky to confront the chaos upon the land of men.

Mythology & Lore

When Luum meet Limm

The world start as a Luum, who created Earth and human, the creature that act like him. One day, as he wander, he received the help of Limm, a mortal. Once he arrived, he used his power to wipe out. Without knowing, he killed Limm in the procress. It turn out she's the savior of her people, who see the light in the world of darkness. With gulity, he revived them, and once she forgave what he's done, he turn her into goddess, and ascent back to his realm.

Cosmological Views

They believe that both deities live in the sky to maintain the afterlife. Each of them shift for half a day; Limm work during the day, whereas Luum work during the night. The star represent each soul.

Tenets of Faith

Meet the Limm

Once you die, you will be brought to The Sky, the land of Luum guarded by Limm, but the body, the other half symbol of Limm, won't. Luum will consume it along with your body. To make the balance the body must be brought to the sky, and the best way is through cremation.

Meet the Limm
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 30, 2023


The Shrine of Luum at the center of Lumus is the biggest shrine to worship the god of Luum. Normally, they are praying daily at local Luumist temple.

Every 100 years, when the large comet can be visible from the sky and last for several days, the holy festival will began. All the followers will came to visit Lumus. It make an omen of their fate in within hundred year. the last appearence were around 0 VE.


The prophet of Luum reside only in Lumus. They are believed to be descanded from the first one, continuing for thousand of years. The latest prophet is Lumin LI

Political Influence & Intrigue

In middle region, the religion is sparse believed within the territory of Empire of Kritus, especially the Durin province.   Ikanos II, the king of Valonian, brought the religion out of the jungle into the west region, integrating into the Valonian's state religion.
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Founding Date
986 BVE
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