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The Charm of Luum

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The Charm of Luum is an ornament made of Catastropium, the most dangerous crystal in the world. Acquiring these charms is the only way you can own chunks of gems due to its restriction for industrial and military purposes.


The charm is made of Catastropium beads or embedded gems on precious metals, hanging on a string or chain. In the normal condition, the charm is a dark purple gleaming like the night sky.

The charm is made upon the belief of Luumism, a dominant religion. They believe that by wearing this their god, Luum, will protect them from any danger happening in their own life. While doing so they will learn the hard truth that life is inconsistent, therefore getting used to it.


In order to get the charm of Luum, they must become a priest in the Luumist temples in which the government approved. The easiest way to get but that's not always the case. In reality, deadly yet beautiful jewelry is in high demand among non-priests especially the upper class Valonians.

However, the production of these ornament (and the crystal as a whole) seem to belong the one and only Rarmon Dynasty of Valonia. The rumor has it that they must pay the royal family an actual 2,000 Sarts for a single ornament, and they must be trusted by the emperor as well.

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Notable holders

The exact amount they produced cannot be determained but there are several Valonians who worn the jewelry to the public:


A gleaming gem is cool but a glowing gem is cooler. Faking the jewelry is easy by replacing Catastropium with an amethyst with a similar color. Verifying the gem is easier. By burning it in flame, the gem's unique reaction to plasma will cast an eye-blinding light.

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