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The Sky

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When you're born, you are the light, a child of Limm.

When you die, that light go off only to meet her lover, Luum.

And the shadow you go is his home, an eternal darkness.

— Lummist priest at Auqapus

In traditional Luumism belief, life is a mix of two; The body of Luum and the soul of Limm. So when they die, the soul will eventually go up to the sky of Luum, the realm of balance.

Plane Above Us

Normally, the realm is a cold, endless void. Without any light, it will become so dark as if closing your eyes in the middle of the wood - on new moon. To make balance, Limm and soul lighten up the place.

All souls arrived here will become light being though not as bright as Limm. These soul can witness the change of earth, or behave of people they care, while travelling endlessly in the void.

When they travel long enough, they would have a chance to be picked by Limm and reboirt as a new people, which is possible only in the daytime when Luum become weaken. However, as death is inevitable, the realm will always fulfil with soul, and thus the sky will never been so dark, forever and ever.

Meeting at the Realm

The best way to meet Luum is cremation, as they believe that if their body can meet their soul in the realm, then reincanetion would become much easier. The coffin is made of wood, cremating in the open fire.

Not considered limited area, burying also work as well. However, it's not popular choice because body and soul will never met in the realm, make it harder for Limm to recognize.

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