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Grand Range

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As the name suggested, this mountain range is massive and impassable in the Estisia continent.


The Grand Range consisting of gigantic mountains, divided South Estisia from the continent, isolating all southern civilizations into its region. On the southern slope there's the Jungle in the southwest, and a large plain in the southeast. It's also the source of plenty southern rivers such as Hunan, Lumin, and Dun.

Despite having a tropical savanna climate, the attitude is very high and dry. Many peaks are being covered in snow all year round whereas the slope is arid. No animals or plants are permanently inhabiting this range.


The only way to going north is to walk by the east or west slopes, or simply using boats. No one can move across the range in history. If they don't die by falling, they'd be dead by a harsh temperature.

Natural Resources

The side of the Grand Range are rich in minerals such as irons and gold. Controlled by the Province of Ohun of Valonia Empire, their mines are producing those tons every years especially during the summer.

Ice is considered a luxury resource. Due to its elevation, some people are risking their life climbing there to gather ice or snow from its peak, putting into the insulated container, and going back to sell. It only become cheaper in winter, since the longer summer, the further snow to be gathered. As such, only a few wealthy and royal people can aqquired this mountainous coolness for all-year round.

Mountain Range
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