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Yuglen is the ethinic people native in Grand Range. They're from around its slope on the southern side, to a lowland far north across the range. They trade with the Kingdom of Ohun.

Usually lived seperately, they established many towns in the region. Uranta is considered the biggest community by many.


Yuglen were immigrated from the north or center of Estisia. Although they develops their own culture, they are influenced by neighbouring Ohuna. According to history, they may used to live in majority close to them at the Huana river in the Northeast Coast before migrated to the mountainside after the Ohuna and their kingdom rose in power and to the north, around 170 BVE—as seen by some Ohuna's settlements that originated by Yuglen.


Common Dress code

Both man and woman usually wears traditional coat made of a thick yak wool which give warmth to them to survive the cold mountainous climate.


Their cuisine are made of root vegetable growing in the highland and millets in the lowland. By using tools brought from the Ohuna, they planting a farm in both attitute. They also have cheese and butter, a rare ingredients made of yak milks from wooden cheesemaker mold.

Encompassed species
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