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Master of the Mountain

This is a coming-of-age ceremony held by the Yuglen culture on every November, in which the boy at the age of 21 must climb up to the monastery on the U'howai Mountain and lived there for a few day. If they can back alive, the community will entirely accept that this boy is now in adulthood. Those who failed to do so will get a chance but has to do it before the age of 25 or else either being ashamed by the community, or being ashamed of themselves.

This is the make sure the boy will become strong enough to face the harsh environment of the Grand Range and also learned to manage themselves in the journey in which is what the community is living for.


Each families will gather the supply for the journey, in which is about a week back-to-back. In the day of the ceremony, all the teenages are given the family morale, before started their long treking to the monastery, along with the Master who's the professional. There, the master will teach them how to set a camp, water, managing to survive. In the last day of training, the Master disappeared. All the teenage must come back home by themselves using what they have learned. When they arrived they will found out that the Master is here before telling them the real reason of this journey.

Luckily, many of them can survived in such environment, only a few who suffered from the incident, in which the people doesn't mind.

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