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Irg is the name of the majority of the population in the Irgia Republic. The Irgs has lived spranding across the Gate Lowland, Long Bay, and the northwestern region of Ronminar Isles.


Irgs stated as one of the tribe known as Erga, inhabitating beside the Erlim river of the Gate Lowland. At the time, people used to lived on their own; Some were helping each others, and some were fighting against, but never becoming one. This was until a couple hundred years later, without explaination, they thought it was time to stop, and plenty of diplomactic and military actions, strengthen all tribes together for the sake of the outsider, even though it took a few years to complete. To cut out any further internal conflict, the election was held. The first leader of this unionized community was the Erga tribe. The result was the Irgia Republic in 656 BVE.


Culture and cultural heritage

Irgs are described as the isolationists. Many of Irgs do not welcome much of those outside the lowland unless they are very close friends or making business, or else they kind of ignored them. This personality doesn't applied much to merchants though.

Speaking of merchants, they have the legacy of trading that make the advantage of their civilization. From the north of Irgian, their biggest city, they are famous from very strong trade community, with an extensive roads accross the lowland adapted from the road-building technique by Krin during their lowerst. From the south, they controlled the sea trade across the Irgian Channel thanks to their intention of colonizing the isle), meaning they have the navy that once one of the most powerful in the world.

Art & Architecture

Most of their building are made of woods and thrashes, but more wealthy buildings such as those of the government are made entirely of fine granite bricks and sometime marbles from the Valonians.

The most proudest structure they've ever built are the Wall of Irgian, blocking the gap between two mountain where the outsider can across to this lowland.


Gender Ideals

Both male and female Irgs lives equally, depending on wealth each family has.

Major organizations

Historically, Irg is combination of several cultural groups during the eatly republic within the lowland, but thoughtout theiy rise and fall partial of them has adapted , which can be told vy looking at their countries.

Irgia Republic

The biggest, oldest Irg state. The culture is the closest to the original inhabitants: Isolatism, merchatism, and afraid of being controlled.

Protectorate of Erkin

The northern Irgia vassel next to the Wall of Irgian. The influence of Krin in the past resulting in diversive ethnicity even the lord could solve, and so they seperated themself but ending up semi-governing. They have adapted more of Krin's luxury lifestyle combining with various immigrant throught.

As the buffer state between two influencial civilization, their country produced profit more than their supreme.

Colony of Sria

The former colony of Irgia before being ceded to the Maritime Kingdom in 110 BVE. The people here adapted more of the sea traditions than the original, and be more open-minded. The people have embraced the Temple of Tunier and so have some of the best foods in all their sub-cultures.

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