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Andera Lunar

Misteress Andera Katherina Lunar (a.k.a. The Lunar Witch, Moon Goddess, Misteress)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Andera takes good care of herself and her body. This is necessary to live out a healthy and long live. At least that is what she is trying to do. If she got sick, she will not be able to be a good leader for her people.  

Facial Features

Andera has a round face that lights up when she sees her children and the Dragon King. She has oval-shaped eyes, a small noise. She has full lips that do not smile often.  

Special abilities

Andera is the strongest witch inside the Lunar Coven coven. Her ability to control the magic of the moon, is something that the coven has not seen before. Not even in the other High Witches of the past.  

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Andera was born inside the Lunar Coven, her mother was one of the witches. She grew up between them and learned to harness her magic from a very early age. When she was twenty her mother and the former High Witch (The strongest Witch of the coven) died. Nobody not even the Dragon King didn't know what had happened to them. Every Witch in the coven needed to do a series of tests. To see who would become the next High Witch and leader of the coven.   Andera past the test with ease, and was appointed to be a leader to her people. She started to change some rules inside the coven, the Mothers. needed to venture out into town and find someone to reproduce. To keep the coven in tacked, that was before Andera took power. She decided that the witches of the coven made their own choices when to venture out, she even sent out the Hags to look for new witches in Senzagiorno and the other towns of Goticha. She even created a male version of the coven, hoping that with their presents at one point stop the need to venture out will die down. The male version of the coven is also there for the boys that were born inside the coven. So they have a place to stay after their sixteen birthday.   Andera is one of the High Witches who has a sexual relationship with the Dragon King Epoa Ombre. With their combined magic they were able to get two children together. One girl and one boy, Luna and Dustin.  




Andera was educated with the other children of the coven, she has learned math, history, language, biology and about the Moon Goddesses religion. That was the standard curriculum at the local elementary school inside the Lunar Witch district. After that she entered the coven as a Maiden, during that time she needed to learn her magic. Which she already has, but still she needed to take the magic lessons. Which took a month before she became a Mother.  


As a Mother she needed to train the Maidens of the coven, she loved doing this. She could teach them all that she knew and learn a view new tricks herself during the process. She hated her other duty, helping the Hags with their potions and spells. Still she did it without complaining. She learned a view thing by watching them preform their magic.   She almost was sent out to reproduce when her mother and the High Witch died. The test pointed Andera out as the new High Witch and leader of the coven. She had now the duty to protect the coven from the enemies of the past, and to keep a good bond with the Dragon King. She needed to inform her when there was something wrong inside the land. Something wrong with the magic that is.  

Mental Trauma

Andera is afraid to lose somebody she loves. She developed this fear after the accident. The one that cost her mother and the former High Witch their lives. She was with them that day, looking for a possible father for her further child when it happened. One moment they were walking the streets of the Banshee district. An explosion went off, Andera was thrown back. Screams filled the streets, and her mother and the former High Witch were dead. They were the only victims of the explosion. Still there is nothing that points in the direction of a crime. Only inside the coven and the Dragon King suspect that there is. But the only way people would notice that this trauma effects Andera is the way she is with her children.  

Intellectual Characteristics

Andera is smart, sometimes too smart. She has a sharp tongue that goes with it. As a leader of her people she needs to figure out to use her tongue to make it beneficial for the coven.  


Andera is not willing to talk about the accident that cost her, her mother and the former High Witch. She also those not want to hear that she is an overprotective mother to her two children. Not even from the Dragon King.  

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Loves: Her children and Dragon King
Dislikes: Gathering herbs
Likes: Teaching
Hates: Thinking about loosing somebody she loves

Virtues & Personality perks

Andera has the ability to be patience, and to be just. She believes in a good argument with strong facts.  

Vices & Personality flaws

Andera has yet to learn the skill to keep her mouth shot. At least when she needs to keep it shot. Also, when she is angry, something that those not often happens, it will take her a long time to cool off.  


Andera loves the smell of jasmine soap in the morning and honey soap in the evening.  


Contacts & Relations

Andera has connections with the leaders of other races inside Goticha. They only do not know what she those for the kingdom.   Of course, she has knows everybody inside her coven, and the people inside the Court of the Dragon King.  

Family Ties

Andera made no secret about her loving the Dragon King Epoa Ombre. At least not to the rest of the coven. Inside the Court of the Dragon King there are rumors but no one of the court dares to speak those out loud. Still Andera is not ashamed about her feelings for the King, and her relationship with her. It was the king who suggested having children together. This made Andera love the King even more, still she is doing best to keep her children out of sight, at least for the court. Not for her Coven, who know how's children they are.    


Wealth & Financial state

As High Witch she has full access to the covens vault. Still she those not like to spend more money than necessary. She wants to have reserves when her people really need the money. To rebuild the headquarters or build a wizard school for the man section of the coven.  

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Lunar Witch, Moon Goddess, Misteress, High Witch
Currently Held Titles
Circumstances of Birth
Current Residence
Lunar Coven HQ, and a room in the palace.
Dark Brown
Long black curly
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.75 meters
70 kilograms
The Moongoddess
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
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