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Gage Manning

William Gage Manning (he/him)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A man born in the early 1300's, Mr. Manning has lived through an awfully large amount of events.
Not long after maturing into his Reaper status, he befriended Nicodemus and quickly became his right-hand man. He later became this for Reverie Hallow when she took over and has remained as such ever since.

During the war between Eirewol and The Old Powers, Mr. Manning was a crucial member on the Eirewol side of the conflict and it is believed that if not for him, the war may have seen much more brutal battles than the ones that were fought. 

When Solridhe was being rebuilt by Reverie, Mr. Manning was appointed as mayor of the city, as he was the only one she trusted with the job. Gage has been performing this job for over half his life at this point.

Mr. Manning also spent a good chunk of time being the guardian of his younger brother, David, as David was only a toddler when their parents were killed during the Slaughter of Solridhe. David is all grown up now, but that doesn't stop Gage from still trying to parent him.


  • Reaper - While a species, being a reaper is also a full time job, if one accepts the responsibility. Not one that gets paid, however.
  • Mayor of Solridhe - This leaves Mr. Manning a busy, busy man. Solridhe is a massive city after all! It can be hard to manage after such a place, but after nearly 400 years, the man has developed quite the skill for it.
  • Architect - He doesn't actually have any training for this, but he likes designing buildings, so the actual architects let him pitch ideas to them. Mr. Manning has helped design most of the buildings in Solridhe and the town of Amington, Maine.

Mental Trauma

Has some slight PTSD from seeing numerous friends and family members, including but not limited to his best friend and parents, being slain during the Slaughter of Solridhe and the war following.

Personality Characteristics


He just wants what is best for people. Especially for those directly under his care.


Contacts & Relations

Reverie Hallow - Best Friend. Boss. Partner In Crime. Fellow Immortal. The List could go on forever. 
The Eirewol Court - The organization that Mr. Manning works for.

Family Ties

David Manning - Brother

Religious Views

His best friend is Reverie Hallow, the God of Death on the Eirewol Pantheon, so as one might expect, that's what religion he follows. If follow could be the way to describe it.


A sweet-mannered and soft-spoken man. His kindness is what has led him to be able to be mayor of Solridhe without objection for so long. However, as kind as Mr. Manning is, it is a well known fact that one does not wish to ever create anger within this man or shall they bear grave consequences.

Hobbies & Pets

Building design!
Current Residence
Bright Blue
Dark Blond
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White, slight tan
Ruled Locations

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