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Wolendius Curathen (wo-lend-yoos koo-rath-en)

I’ve spent fifty years of my life in war. Now, it is time for us Gojoth to bring peace. We have spent time immemorial believing ourselves to be the only ones who can stop the Inkusel. Now it is time to ask the world to step forward.
— address to Gallerius Village
  If anyone could “ask the world to step forward,” Wolendius (last name) would be the one to get them to listen. A veteran runner, then healer, the aged leader of Hantanius City is now Grand Gojoth and advisor to the city’s branch of Healers. Lesser folk would buckle under the weight. Wolendius, it appears, never will.  

A Storied Figure

Wolendius was a runner for nearly thirty years before becoming a Healer. Considering the incredible danger of a Gojoth Runner’s career, thirty years is an immensely long time. All this, and he never progressed past stage 1 of the Inkusel infection. Add to that that he was the most successful Runner in those thirty years, and he was already a legend.   Then came the incident at Gallerius Village, where he and his wife Vasmin - also a formidable Runner - were dispatched to help the beleaguered Din of the village. His leadership and help with ridding the village of the contagion was instrumental in solving the crisis. He was elevated to the rank of Grand Gojoth on the death of his predecessor a couple of years later, the vote being almost unanimous.   It was during that time that he realized the role that the outside world could offer to the entrenched Jhanté of the Inkuna Forest. Since then, he’s been creating a group ofWorldrunners to bring news to and seek help from the nearby nations. That initiative has so far been unsuccessful, but Wolendius is nothing if not perseverant.
CW: war, disease, death
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Wolendius is now in his seventh decade, and while he’s no longer a Runner, he is still remarkably spry for his age. He is still stick-thin, not very muscular and incredibly quick on his feet. His most noticeable feature are the tattoos of an eye on the back of his hands. He also tends to wear the black robes and necklace of his rank wherever he goes.
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Jul 21, 2022 15:58 by Molly Marjorie

Ooh! I like the initiative to create Worldrunners! (I also like the eye tattoos, which vaguely remind me of Daniel's tattoos in Maggie Stiefvater's All the Crooked Saints.)

Check out Natural Magic : a coming of age fantasy novel, because life is hard enough when you're fourteen, even without saving the world. Or listen to it in podcast form .
Jul 22, 2022 03:48 by Emperor Charles II

Oh I didn't know about that! The inspiration for that feature was Gerard Key from the Magnus Archives (except he has them on all of his hand joints).

Jul 22, 2022 15:16 by Molly Marjorie

lol Daniel has them on on his fingers (and for that matter, there's also the hamsa tattoos in Daughter of Smoke and Bone, which are on the palms). Clearly the lesson here is that eye tattoos are fantastic and everyone should have them... or something like that.

Check out Natural Magic : a coming of age fantasy novel, because life is hard enough when you're fourteen, even without saving the world. Or listen to it in podcast form .
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